EUM Emprende

Do you have a business idea?
Don’t know where to start?
Did you know that 34% of entrepreneurs stop due to lack of advice?

Are you an entrepreneur?

We list at least seven competencies that an entrepreneur must have:

  • Leadership and coaching
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Management skills
  • Excellence to success
  • Service orientation

Not only is a good business idea necessary, and that this is highly contrasted with the market, but it will also be of vital importance that the promoter or promoter has acquired and worked on these skills, to minimize the risk of failure.

Do you want to test your business idea?

The TEST – IDEA questionnaire consists of about 20 or 25 questions that you will have to answer continuously in a single session, therefore, you will have to allow time to do it correctly.

At the end of the questionnaire you will obtain a SWOT report with the main Opportunities and Threats summarized and the main Strengths and Weaknesses of your proposal.

Your sincerity is very important, it is not an exam but, quite the contrary, an individual exercise to help you consolidate your project, even if it is still very initial, providing considerations, arguments and a report with the overall assessment.




If you think you meet the conditions of an entrepreneur, do not hesitate and fill out this form to start working with EUM Emprende