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# 1 Best Graduate Marketing Spain

National Ranking 2021

Sociedad Española de la Excelencia Académica (SEDEA)

University School of Marketing, Tourism and Logistics in Barcelona


Certificate of Higher Education in Marketing and Advertising

Degree in Business Logistics

Degree in Marketing

Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

Higher Technician in Tourism Accommodation

Tourism Degree

The mission of EU Mediterrani is to promote the skills of our students and provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their professional life and become the best professionals in their sector.

To achieve these skills effectively we have created our own Tutorial Action Plan (TAP), promoting the development of individual talent and guiding them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.



Testimonio de alumna de Grado en Turismo en Mediterrani

The best thing about the degree is that it is versatile, you can develop professionally in many areas. In addition, the internships allow you to quickly get into the work sector and try everything out.

Xènia Riera

Alumni Degree in Tourism

Hostess at ABaC Restaurant

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Testimonio de alumno de Grado en Marketing en Mediterrani

Very happy with the teaching staff of the degree, as they are professionals with a lot of experience in the sector, our learning process is much faster, you get to develop critical thinking, and to have a much more analytical overview in all the events of the day to day.

Santi Martínez

Student of 3rd Degree in Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager at Leica Geosystems

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Testimonio de Vanessa de Grado en Marketing en Mediterrani

I really enjoyed my time when I was at EUM. The teachers and the classmates were amazing; they helped me learn about the university and Spanish culture. I am lucky to have been an exchange student there and love sharing my experiences here in Taiwan.

Vanessa Mei Chiang

Exchange student Degree in Marketing from National Dong Hwa University

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Testimonio de alumno de Doble Grado en Marketing y Turismo en Mediterrani

Studying at EUM has been a unique experience, it has allowed me to learn from many professionals in the tourism and marketing sectors and has offered me a vision of both sectors that I have learned a lot. The attention of the tutors is very personalized to the student's preferences and this allows a very quick resolution of the doubts.

Peng Lin

Alumni Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

Marketing Manager at SERHS Hotels

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Testimonio de alumna de Grado Superior en Marketing y Publicidad en Mediterrani

Studying at this centre has been a great experience, as from the very first moment I have felt completely welcomed by all the teachers and staff and by its magnificent facilities. It is incredible to be able to learn in a CFGS from university professors and entrepreneurs who speak from their own experience. In addition to learning in the classroom, I am learning from the experience of being able to practice as part of the Community Manager Team scholarship managing the university's social networks.

Sara Delas

Student of 1st HNC Administration and Finance

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Testimonio de alumno de Grado en Logística empresarial en Mediterrani

I am very happy with the planning of the degree, as being Dual Mode, our learning process is much faster, you get to develop critical thinking, to handle large amounts of data that in the future is key to making decisions in our work as logisticians.

Javier Durán

Student of 3rd Degree in Business Logistics

Logistical Support at Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

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Testimonio de Marta de Grado en Turismo en Mediterrani

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do an international internship from the first year, as it helped me to apply the concepts I learnt in class and increase my language level, gaining experience that has been very useful for the world of work.

Marta Llambés

Student of 3rd Degree in Tourism

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Testimonio de Marc de Grado en Marketing en Mediterrani

I am starting a new stage in my life and I have nothing but words of deep gratitude for my university. Home in which we began a journey full of hopes and dreams that we have achieved today. I would also like to thank the management and professors for the organization of the Marketing program. Thank you very much!

Marc Valero

Alumni Degree in Marketing

Marketing Account Executive Junior at Aluminios Marton

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Studying the Tourism degree at EUM was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Today, as a professional, I still apply everything my professors taught me. The classes were not only theoretical, but also taught us to deal with difficult situations in the working world in practice, to apply our emotional intelligence, and to be methodical.

Andrea Aguado

Alumni Degree in Tourism

Barcelona Operations Manager at Abreu Events Spain

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Studying the Higher Degree in Tourism Accommodation Management at EUM has been one of my best academic choices. I am very satisfied with the contents of the training, as each subject offered is varied and that allows students to know all the fields of the sector and thus see where we fit best. We are prepared from the beginning of the course to leave with a degree, knowledge, values, skills and more than enough training to be the most professional in the world of work. The teachers are experts in the sector and have many years of experience. We appreciate the personalised and close relationship they have with the students.

Sharmila Alba Collado

Aumni HNC Tourism Accommodation Management

Receptionist at AC Hotel Barcelona Forum

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Macbook for each grade student

An effective and differentiating tutorial action plan

The best language program with official titles

AQU quality accreditation

Excellent internship program and job market from the first year

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