Higher degree in Tourism Accommodation Management in Barcelona

The vocational education tourism accommodation management offering EUM is the perfect opportunity to make a career in organization and control of establishments in tourist accommodation . You learn and apply business policies and can work in different departments.

Data sheet

  • Name of the study: Higher Degree in Tourism Accommodation Management
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Title (s) to which it gives right: High Technician in Tourism Accomodation Management
  • Indicative number of places: 30
  • Hours: Mornings


Tourism Market Structure99 hours
Protocol and Public Relations132 hours
Tourism Marketing132hours
Management of tourist accommodation264hours
Management of department of floors165hours
Reception and reservations198hours
Human resources in the housing99hours
Event Marketing66 hours
English132 hours
Second foreign language132 hours
Project management of tourist accommodation66 hours
Training and Guidance99 hours
Enterprise and entrepreneurship66 hours
Formation in work centers350 hours

Why the Higher Technician in Tourism Accommodation in Barcelona

In EUM we train you to be Higher Tecnician in Tourism Accommodation Management . You will be able to coordinate services establishments and analyze the market and the products own accommodation. You can organize and promote events on establishment. You also will have the ability to monitor the treatment with the customer, management of complaints and claims of post sales service. Studying the Vocational Course in Tourism Accommodation Management is one of the best educational opportunities considering that Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Higher Technician in Tourism Accommodation in Barcelona testimonials

I started at EUM doing a HNC. I really liked the way they teach, the knowledge and experience that all the teachers have about the sector, and I also had good contacts. So, once I finished the HNC, I decided to start the career to grow even more professionally.

Natalia Soriano

Aumni HNC Tourism Accommodation Management | Student of 3rd Degree in Tourism

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Studying the Higher Degree in Tourism Accommodation Management at EUM has been one of my best academic choices. I am very satisfied with the contents of the training, as each subject offered is varied and that allows students to know all the fields of the sector and thus see where we fit best. We are prepared from the beginning of the course to leave with a degree, knowledge, values, skills and more than enough training to be the most professional in the world of work. The teachers are experts in the sector and have many years of experience. We appreciate the personalised and close relationship they have with the students.

Sharmila Alba Collado

Aumni HNC Tourism Accommodation Management | Receptionist at AC Hotel Barcelona Forum

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The university facilities are very good and also in the downtown area of Barcelona, easy to arrive by public transport. I've been very happy with the two years I've been here, I really like the class group because it's very small and thanks to that we can have a more personal feedback with the teachers.

Elisenda Avià

Aumni HNC Tourism Accommodation Management | Receptionist at Hotel Augusta Vallès ****

I decided to study at EUM because it is located in the city centre of Barcelona and it is well connected by public transport. Although my experience has been different because of the pandemic, I am happy with the management they are having and the different options they give us to continue our studies normally. In addition, the relationship with the teachers, the atmosphere and the facilities are very good.

Paula Cruz

Aumni HNC Tourism Accommodation Management | Student of 3rd Degree in Tourism

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