Double degree in Tourism and Marketing in Barcelona

The Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing is one of the new university degrees With better career opportunities through a combination of skills acquired by students in two of the professions with more employment.

Data sheet

Name of the study: Double Degree in Marketing / Tourism

University Preinscription Code: 81062

Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences

Duration: 5 years

European credits: 360

Degree Title Obtained: Graduate in Tourism and Marketing by the University of Girona

Orientative number of places: 20


Price ECTS
86,23 €
Enrollment fee
350 €
*University fees
420 €
**Total price
6.720 €

* – Pending publication in the D.O.G.C. of the Price Decree
** – Matriculation of 69 ECTS


Basic formation (FB)90 CTS
Compulsory formation (OB)159 CTS
Optional subjects (OP)51 CTS
External internships24 CTS
Academic recognition6 CTS
Final degree project (TFG)30 CTS
Total: 360 ECTS* divided into 5 years

* European Credit Transfer System, the credit recognition system in the European Union

Why the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in Barcelona

Tourism, as the first sector of the economy of Barcelona, ​​together with the deep knowledge of Marketing offered by this double degree allows students to explore new horizons in such a cross field as exciting, because the Double Degree Tourism and Marketingintegrates into your content plan studies and skills of both disciplines:

Languages, management, economics, marketing research, communication, new information technology, digital marketing (we include a free Apple laptop, commonly used in the classroom), law, or internationalization among others. It also introduces innovative aspects in academia for the programming, implementation and evaluation of teaching, and encourages mobility among students, the acquisition of attitudes as entrepreneurship, leadership and critical thinking.

In this context, Mediterrani has an Internal Quality Plan based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 which aims to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement that allows us to remain, in Barcelona, ​​a university reference center for academic excellence.

Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in Barcelona professional outings

Organization of events, congresses, fairs and conventions

Destination Management Companies (DMC’s), Management of professional organization of congresses (OPC’s)

Advertising and public relations

PR manager, Media Manager, Advertising creative, creative director, Digital content manager and editor

Commercial investigation

Key account manager, Marketing manager, Marketing Director, Product Manager, Brand manager, Trade marketing Manager, Business developer.


Digital analyst, SEO/SEM management, E-commerce manager, market place specialist

Design and innovation

Graphic designer, content & copy, Packaging & User Experience

Intermediation and tourist distribution

Management of electronic distribution companies, head of digital marketing, central reservations management

Hotel and non-hotel accommodation

General Management, Rooms Division Management, Public Relations and Customer Service, Food & Beverage Management, Revenue Management Management, Reservations Management

Digital marketing

Web analytics, PPC/ Google Ads, Content Marketing, growth hacker, CRM Manager, Project manager, Digital Sales Manager


Social Media Manager, Content Writer, PR manager, audiovisual content editor, media manager

Tourist advice and consultancy

Hotel consulting, marketing consulting, tourism business advice, tourism planning and promotion, management of tourist centers

Creation of products, activities and tourist experiences

Design of tourist offer, gastronomy, enaturism, rural tourism, museum management

Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in Barcelona testimonials

Testimonio de alumno de Doble Grado en Marketing y Turismo en Mediterrani

Studying at Mediterrani has been a unique experience, it has allowed me to learn from many professionals in the tourism and marketing sectors and has offered me a vision of both sectors that I have learned a lot. The attention of the tutors is personalised to the students' tastes and this allows for a very quick resolution of doubts.

Peng Lin

Alumni Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing | Marketing Manager at SERHS Hotels

Know me

My experience at EUM could be described as complete and surprising. When I enrolled in the Double Degree, I did not imagine all the experiences and experiences that awaited me at the university. It has been a very enriching journey as a student and as a person.

Verónica Fernández

Student of 2nd Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

Know me

In addition to the quality of the teaching and the approachability of the teachers, I was able to enjoy the various activities on offer, such as being part of the football team, the annual paddle tennis tournament and the EUM parties.

Marc Artigues

Student of 4th Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

Know me

I am very satisfied with the experience of this first year at EUM. There is a very good atmosphere among classmates and above all the teachers are very involved and have a very close relationship with the student, which makes it easier for me to get involved and enjoy what I do.

Ana de Pedro

Student of 1st Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

My experience at EUM is being 10. The truth is that the student-teacher relationship is very close, they will always be there for you for whatever you need. This is demonstrated by all the personal tutorials that you can do during the course. In my case, one of the aspects I value most about EUM is being able to do the internship from the first year, it has given me the opportunity to learn about different aspects of my two degrees, focusing on the one I am most passionate about: Aviation. For this reason, EUM has allowed me to do my internship as a Flight Attendant. In addition, some time ago I decided to start my own business, and the university helped me with their entrepreneurship department, which advised me legally and structurally.

Javier González

Student of 3rd Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing | Cabin Crew at Ryanair Group

Know me

My experience doing the Double Degree at EUM has been very positive; I have been given the opportunity to learn several languages and graduate in two careers simultaneously, which are very powerful nowadays in our country and in only 5 years, and thanks to the distribution of the subjects throughout the courses I can take time for myself, which is also something very important.

Adriana Domenech

Student of 2nd Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing

Know me

And also...

Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in Barcelona subjects

First course

First course57 ECTS
Introduction to tourism
Sociocultural dimension of tourism
Economic dimension of tourism market
Territorial dimension of tourism
Accounting and finance to marketing management of tourism business
Introduction to marketing
Commercial analysis
Fundamentals of statistics
Mandarin Chinese I
Information and communication skills
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
German A1
German A2
English B2
English B2.1
English C1.1
French A1
French A2

Second course

Typology and strategies destinations
Territorial planning and management
Organization of tourism enterprises
Consumer buying behavior
Buying behavior of organizations
Statistics I
Statistics II
Mandarin Chinese II
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
German A1
German A2
English B2
English B2.1
English C1.1
French A1
French A2

Third course

Practicum Tourism
Legal dimension of marketing
Mandarin Chinese III
Development of products and brands
Designing pricing strategies and brands
Distribution strategies and distribution logistics
Personal selling and direct marketing
Advertising, promotion and public relations
International marketing
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
German A1
German A2
English B2
English B2.1
English C1.1
French A1
French A2

Fourth course

Fourth course69 ECTS
Qualitative and prospective tehcniques
Mandarin Chinese IV
Industrial and services marketing
Marketing plan development
Social marketing and non-profit institutions

Fifth course

Fifth course72 ECTS
Final Degree Project Tourism
Purchasing behavior online
Communication and social networks
Online market research
Design and development of websites
Practicum Marketing
Final Degree Project Marketing


Agreements with companies