Degree in Marketing in Barcelona

The Marketing Degree of EUM is one of the best training opportunities offered in the city of Barcelona. It is a fully updated career and focused to form the best marketing experts Barcelona.

Data sheet

  • Name of the study: Degree in Marketing
  • University Pre-registration Code: 81051
  • Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Duration: 4 years
  • European credits: 240
  • Degree Title Obtained: Graduate in Tourism by the University of Girona
  • Approximate number of places: 70


Price ECTS
96 €
Enrollment fee
350 €
*University fees
385 €
**Total price
6.495 €

* – Pending publication in the D.O.G.C. of the Price Decree
** – Matriculation of 60 ECTS


Basic information (FB)66 credits
Mandatory information (OB)126 credits
Optative subjects (OP)21 credits
Prácticas externas12 credits
Academic recognition6 credits
Final degree (TFG)15 credits
Total: 240 credits ECTS* divided in 4 years

* European Credit Transfer System, the credit system recognition
in the European Union

Why the Degree in Marketing in Barcelona

In a highly competitive jog market like it is nowadays, new graduates need expertise in a particular area to highlight.
Our degree, unlike the rest, it is completely specialized in marketing to meet the demand, of one of the sectors with more growth opportunities in Barcelona, with really trained professionals.

In all reports about job market and careers with most demand there is marketing in the top positions. Furthermore, in our marketing degree there is training of the highest level in digital marketing, an essential branch for new professionals who will work in applying their knowledge to the online environment, for this, and to facilitate your training we include a free Apple laptop, commonly used in the classroom.

Degree in Marketing in Barcelona professional outings

Degree in Marketing


Social Media Manager, Content Writer, PR manager, audiovisual content editor, media manager


Graphic designer, content & copy, Packaging & User Experience


Web analytics, PPC/ Google Ads, Content Marketing, growth hacker, CRM Manager, Project manager, Digital Sales Manager


Key account manager, Marketing manager, Product Manager, Brand manager, Trade marketing Manager, Business developer.


Digital analyst, SEO/SEM management, E-commerce manager, market place specialist


PR manager, Media Manager, Advertising creative, creative director, Digital content manager and editor

Advertising and 
Public Relations

What is a Certificate of Specialization?

A specialization certificate is conceived as a specific itinerary to focus on the last two years of the degree through the choice of elective subjects (30 ECTS) which, after completing these subjects, grants the student an EU Mediterrani certificate.

What subjects do I have to take to obtain it?

In order to obtain the specialization certificate, the student must choose a specific itinerary of 5 elective subjects, which form and enable the student to enter the world of advertising and public relations.

Degree in Marketing in Barcelona testimonials

Núria Galian Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing en Barcelona

EUM offered me an insight into the world of marketing with a personalized service. Learning in the classes was dynamic and there was a lot of group work. For me, the best thing has been the 'learning by doing' taking part in internships in different companies and sectors during the four years of university. I went out into the business world with the skills and experience to find a job that I am passionate about.

Núria Galian

Alumni Degree in Marketing

Programmatic Manager at Jellyfish

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Agustín Torres Testimonio de linkedin de la carrera de marketing

My exchange lasted 8 months, but the tools I was given will serve me for the rest of my life. EUM opened the door to the world, it taught me that it doesn't matter where I come from and that allowed me to get to know the world and use my potential to the fullest.

Agustín Torres

Exchange student Degree in Marketing

Human Resources Generalist at Microsoft

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Maia Parés Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing

As a student of the Degree in Marketing at EUM, I have been able to verify a very professional and very close treatment from the teachers and the whole team. Personally, I am very happy to have chosen this university because of the willingness and interest of the teachers, who transmit the desire to learn and develop our own path.

Maia Parés

Student of 3rd Degree in Marketing

Know me
Jordi Pérez Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing en EU Mediterrani

Four very nice years where I have met people that I will take with me for the rest of my life, a lot of learning and very happy with the teachers I have had, who value you and have a very personal treatment with all of us. Also, very happy because I won the first Padel tournament of the university.

Jordi Pérez

Student of 4th Degree in Marketing

Know me
Toni Pitarch Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing en Barcelona

EUM is not only a university, it is practically like a family. The treatment and support of the professors makes the student experience at the school incredible and I am very proud of everything I have learned during my 4 years at EUM. The atmosphere at the school is very friendly and we all know each other, here I have made friendships that I will carry with me for life and I have been trained in the best way with spectacular teachers.

Toni Pitarch

Student of 4th Degree in Marketing

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Ilan Estaún Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing

From the first day you feel like at home, they welcome you like a family and help you in any area where you need help, both in the subject and in your personal life. A degree with a very good theoretical-practical balance that makes you want to learn and improve every day.

Ilan Estaún

Student of 2nd Degree in Marketing

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Jonathan Navarro Testimonio de linkedin de la carrera de Marketing

Great experience and learning, with professionals who value not only the study, but also the qualities, effort and participation of the students. With a spectacular terrace where you can see the whole of Barcelona and disconnect during exams or stressful times.

Jonathan Navarro

Student of 2nd Degree in Marketing

Know me
Arnau Viladerrams Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing

It was amazing! Not only have I had fun and made friends for life, but I have also learnt a lot and developed as a person. I am very grateful to the university for this unique experience!

Arnau Viladerrams

Student of 4th Degree in Marketing

Know me
Jordi Raventós Testimonio de linkedin del Grado en Marketing

The four years studying at EUM have allowed me to enter the job market quickly, thanks to being able to do internships from the first year. Besides, the student-tutor relationship has been very close and personal and the opportunity to study in Taiwan is a once in a lifetime experience. During my professional career, I have been able to apply many of the practical skills I acquired during my degree, especially in digital marketing.

Jordi Raventós

Alumni Degree in Marketing

Founder at Crowd Wine Penedès | Head Of Marketing at Enveseur

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And also...

Degree in Marketing in Barcelona subjects

First Course

Business fundaments24 ECTS
Introduction to business administration
Accounting and finance to marketing management
Human Resources
Introduction to economics
Marketing principles12 ECTS
Introduction to marketing
Business analysis
Shopping behavior12 ECTS
Consumer buying behavior
Behavior Purchasing in the Organizations
Commercial investigation6 ECTS
Fundamentals of statistics
Foreign Languages applied to marketing and business6 ECTS
English I
Mandarin Chinese I

Second Course

Company of fundamentals6 ECTS
Legal dimension of Marketing
Commercial investigation12 ECTS
Statistics I
Statistics II
Strategic marketing18 ECTS
Development of products and brands
Designing pricing strategies and programs
Distribution strategies and distribution logistics
Communication12 ECTS
Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations
Personal selling and direct marketing
Specific marketing6 ECTS
International marketing
Foreign Languages applied to marketing and business6 ECTS
English II
Mandarin Chinese II

Third Course

Commercial investigation6 ECTS
Techniques prospective advisory and Techniques for business research
Strategic marketing6 ECTS
Marketing plan development
Specific Marketing12 ECTS
Industrial and services marketing
Social maketing and non-profit institutions
Digital marketing30 ECTS
Buying online behavior
Communication and social networks
Online market research
Design and development of websites
Foreign Languages applied to marketing and business6 ECTS
English III
Mandarin Chinese III

Fourth Course

Practicum12 ECTS
Final Degree Project15 ECTS
Final degree project
Electives21 ECTS
Management and communication skills
Practicum II
Computer science applied to multimedia design
Smart Cities: Marketing and municipal branding
Personal branding and influencer marketing
Identity, Branding and Digital Reputation
Advertising campaigns
Introduction to graphic design
Events marketing
Recognition6 ECTS
Foreign Languages applied to marketing and business6 ECTS
English IV
Mandarin Chinese IV

Professional skills

General and specific competences that students must acquire during their studies, the fulfilment of which will be required in order to be awarded the degree:

General skills

  1. Communicate orally and in writing in their own language and other foreign languages.
  2. Know how to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom, at work, with a strong ability to adapt to new situations.
  3. Know how to prepare and defend arguments and solve problems within the study area, making an empirical problem in a research objective and raising conclusions.
  4. Ability to gather and interpret properly to make judgments that include reflection on issues of economic, social, scientific or ethical data.
  5. Analyse and adopt attitudes and ethical behaviour in professional practice.
  6. Be able to lead teams, acquiring negotiating skills to prevent and solve problems, conflicts and make decisions, assuming a strong quality orientation.
  7. Teaming, establishing relationships that can further help the progress of projects.
  8. Skills in communication and interpersonal relationships to use and select the information technology and the most appropriate to each communication situation.
  9. Designing creative proposals, have initiative and enterprising, critical and logical spirit.
  10. Differentiating the qualitative and quantitative research, performing critical analysis.

Specifics skills

  1. Analyse the operation, management and control of the different functional areas of the company and analysis tools.
  2. Understand the processes and functions of a support system for decision-making, identifying the different concepts and tools of marketing.
  3. Analyse demand and targeting criteria, diagnosing internal and external behaviour of consumers and industrial buyers determinants.
  4. Create and establish the identity and brand image of the products.
  5. Set pricing strategy depending on the circumstances of each moment, selecting the distribution channel depending on the different types of products.
  6. Plan, organize and control the marketing plan development.
  7. Plan and organize the sales system and apply personal selling techniques, using promotional tools and communication.
  8. Analysing the characteristics of international trade, establishing market opportunities.
  9. Identify the variables that generate value in the online medium for business planning and control internet information, using techniques of online collecting data.
  10. Be able to design attractive and functional web pages.
  11. Getting skills development, control and evaluation of budgets.
  12. Defining the communication strategy and public relations.



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