Degree in Tourism in Barcelona

The Tourism Degree of University School Mediterrani is one of the formations with more opportunities in a leading city in the tourism sector such as Barcelona. If you are interested in acquiring management skills for positions in the tertiary sector companies anywhere in the world, enrol in Tourism Degree.

Data sheet

  • Name of the study: Degree in Tourism
  • University Preinscription Code: 81038
  • Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
  • Duration: 4 years
  • European credits: 240
  • Degree Title Obtained: Graduated in Tourism by the University of Girona
  • Orientative number of places: 100


Price ECTS
78 €
Enrollment fee
350 €
*University fees
385 €
**Total price
5.415 €

* – Pending publication in the D.O.G.C. of the Price Decree
** – Matriculation of 60 ECTS


Formació bàsica (FB)66 crèdits
Formació obligatoria (FO)106 crèdits
Asignatures optatives (AO)33 crèdits
Pràctiques externes12 crèdits
Reconeiximent acadèmic6 crèdits
Treball Final de Grau (TFG)15 crèdits
Total: 240 crèdits* ECTS* dividits en 4 anys

** European Credit Transfer System, el sistema de crèdits de reconeixement en la Unión Europea

Why the Tourism Degree in Barcelona

The labor market in this sector is among the few that has continued to offer opportunities in recent years and received positive feedback in terms of growth. The latest data from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism show that tourism in Spain is at its best, both in number of international arrivals, and inner movement. In 2016, the autonomous region has received more international tourists was Catalonia. In addition, it is expected further improve these figures in the coming years.

If you are interested in tourism, hotel and restaurant projects and want to receive training that enables you aspire to the best jobs in the sector with a language preparation that will open the doors to the international market, without forgetting the new technologies of the internet (you will enjoy a portable Apple gift and habitual use in the classrooms) make your enrollment in the Degree of Tourism College Mediterrani.

EUM, as an affiliated university training center and collaborator of the Compromís Nacional per un Turisme Responsable, acquires the commitment and the challenge of preparing future generations of graduates in this responsible tourism umbrella and who know how to respond to future challenges.

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Tourism Degree in Barcelona professional outings

Organization of events, congresses, fairs and conventions

Destination Management Companies (DMC’s), Management of professional organization of congresses (OPC’s)

Restaurant and hospitality services

Head of operations, commercial management, banquet and convention management

Creation of products, activities and tourism experiences

Design of tourist offer, gastronomy, enaturism, rural tourism, museum management

Tourist advice and consulting

Hotel consulting, marketing consulting, tourism business advice, tourism planning and promotion, management of tourist centers

Guide and tourist information

Local tourist guides, manager of tourist offices

Transport and logistics

Transport companies such as airlines, cruise ships, ships, railways

Hotel and extra-hotels accommodation

General Management, Rooms Division Management, Public Relations and Customer Service, Food & Beverage Management, Revenue Management Management, Reservations Management

Intermediation and tourism distribution

Management of electronic distribution companies, head of digital marketing, central reservations management

Tourism Degree in Barcelona testimonials

My experience at EUM has been very good. The teachers are very approachable and provide great help: tutorials for revision, support information, etc. Being a tourism student I can say that the subjects are very well balanced and the languages are very dynamic and easy to learn.

Lucía Núñez

Student of 2nd Degree in Tourism

Know me

I was expecting a different, more difficult beginning, because I didn't know any classmates or teachers, but today I can say that I have a wonderful group of classmates, all of whom are great professionals. Of course, by professionals we have to mention the teachers, ALWAYS with a personalised treatment, who encourage the best of you and help you at all times with any difficulties. Without a doubt, if I could explain to the me of 4 years ago, I wouldn't have had any doubts about choosing EUM. I don't like goodbyes at all and I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to this beautiful stage.

Laia Solé

Student of 4th Degree in Tourism

Know me

My experience at EUM has been very positive. From the first minute you enter the course, you start to learn essential concepts and knowledge to be able to know more about the tourism sector in depth. The University itself offers a series of services, from my point of view exceptional, which allows the student to adapt to the change of starting a university degree and at the same time to help them in many aspects.

Alejandro García

Student of 2nd Degree in Tourism

Know me

The location is great, the building is clean, new and the design overall is very nice! The professors, very professional, were open to help even if the language barrier was present, they tried to include everyone in the activities and the courses were interesting. If someone were to ask me if I recommend this university I would totally tell them YES! I'd like to thank everyone from EUM for making me feel included.

Viktoria Miklo

Exchange student Degree in Tourism from University of Oradea

I am very satisfied with the Degree in Tourism, EUM has managed to recover my motivation to study and expand my knowledge in such an important sector in our country as Tourism. I would like to highlight the dynamism of the classes, among other things that make my experience at the university very enriching and satisfactory.

Lucía Rico

Student of 2nd Degree in Tourism

Know me

I can summarise my 4 years studying the Degree in Tourism at EUM as a progressive learning process where I have created a great network of contacts. From the beginning you move in a professional environment and the methodology of the school is very good. The degree provides a wide range of internships with an excellent follow-up by the coordinators. Regardless of the situation, the teachers have always adapted quickly, providing both online and face-to-face tutorials. Excellent facilities, including good wifi connection, power sockets, fully equipped cafeteria and clean terrace with good views.

Sara Sáez

Student of 4th Degree in Tourism

Know me

In the first year of my degree I started an internship and that helped me when I finished my degree. Thanks to the internship experience, I started working with a fixed-term contract. The university always helped me, they sent me notes from both classmates and professors, and for the Final Degree Project, since I was unable to attend the face-to-face tutorials, they supported me and helped me to get through it without problems.

Cristina Durán

Alumni Degree in Tourism

Know me

Since studying at EUM, I have realised that it has given me the opportunity not only to grow academically, but also to grow as a person. I have been able to acquire good knowledge in the tourism sector and I have also been able to gain good language skills in different languages.

Nerea Méndez

Student of 2nd Degree in Tourism

Know me

As a student of EUM, in the career of Tourism, I can only say one thing, THANK YOU! The experience has been magnificent, not only because of what I have been able to learn over the years, but also because of the magnificent people I have met, both the teachers and the classmates I have had the pleasure of getting to know. The teaching staff are very supportive, making it easy for the students to learn and eager to continue to improve their knowledge. I am grateful for the wonderful journey that EUM has given me, there have been ups and downs, but thanks to the whole package, I have grown both personally and professionally. I want to thank the faculty for everything they have taught me to be a better version of myself. THANK YOU!

Manel Ciprian

Student of 4th Degree in Tourism

EUM transmits security from the first moment. The contact and trust with the students and teaching staff is essential to develop your studies in a comfortable way and make them a unique experience.

Joan Carabias

Student of 4th Degree in Tourism

Know me

And also...

Tourism Degree in Barcelona subjects

Extinction of the 2017 study plan
Termination of the 2017 itinerary of the Degree in Tourism
1GT 2017Course 21/22
2GT 2017Course 22/23
3GT 2017Course 23/24
4GT 2017Course 24/25

First course

Basic and dimensions of Tourism30 ECTS
Introduction to Tourism
Sociocultural dimension of tourism
Economic dimension of tourism market
Territorial dimension of tourism
Legal dimension of tourism
Financial and commercial techniques of the tourist company12 ECTS
Tourism marketing
Companies tourism accounting
Techniques tourism12 ECTS
Quantitative and qualitative techniques applied to tourism
Computer and communication techniques
Foreign languages applied to tourism6 ECTS
English I
French I

Second course

Touristic destinations24 ECTS
Typologies and strategies tourist destinations
Territory planning
World tourism geography
Marketing of tourist destinations
Organitzation and management of the tourist company12 ECTS
Economic and financial management in tourism enterprises
Organization of tourism business
Accomodation management, brokerage and distribution logistics12 ECTS
Management and operational processes hosting companies
Management and operational processes of tourism intermediation companies
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
English II
French II
German I

Third course

Resources and tourism products24 ECTS
Itinerary and product design
Marketing of tourism products and resources
Innovation in cultural management
Product Management and tourism resources
Innovation in tourist products and resources
Strategic Tourism Management12 ECTS
Strategic Tourism Management
Human resources management
Strategic direction of hotel
Practicum12 ECTS
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
English III
French III
German II

Fourth course

Final Degree Project15 ECTS
Final degree project
Electives33 ECTS
Tourist guide
Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
Tourism and environment
Practicum extra I
Practicum extra II
Directives and communication skills
Management and customer service
Organization conference and events
Advertising and public relations
Chinese I
Chinese II
Italian I
Italian II
French IV
German IV
Russian I
Russian II
Business English
Leisure policies
Communication techniques applied to tourism
Teamwork and leadership
Negotiation and conflict resolution techniques
Recognition6 ECTS
Implementation of the 2021 study plan
Implementation of the 2021 itinerary of the Degree in Tourism
1GT 2021Course 22/23
2GT 2021Course 23/24
3GT 2021Course 24/25
4GT 2021Course 25/26

First course

Foundations and dimensions of tourism30 ECTS
Tourism introduction
The Socio-cultural dimension of tourism
The economic dimension of the tourism market
Regional dimensions of tourism
The legal dimensions of tourism
Financial and commercial techniques of tourism companies12 ECTS
Tourism marketing
Accounting for tourism businesses
Tourism techniques6 ECTS
Information and communication skills
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
English B2.1
English B2
English C1.1
French A1
German A1

Second course

Tourist destinations18 ECTS
Types and strategies of tourism destinations
Town and country planning
Marketing of tourist destinations
Tourist business organization and management12 ECTS
Economic Management and Control of Tourism Businesses
The organisation of tourism companies
Management of accommodation, intermediation and distribution12 ECTS
Management of Accommodation and Catering Businesses
Management of tourism intermediaries, Transport and Distribution
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
English B2
English C1.1
English C1
French A2
German A2
Tourism techniques6 ECTS

Third course

Tourism resources and products20 ECTS
Tourism resources and sustainability
Tourism Destinations Heritage
Tours and guides
Package holidays
Marketing new products
Strategic management of tourism companies25 ECTS
Economics for tourism and public administration
Public Administration of Resources
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Electives3 ECTS
Foreign languages applied to tourism12 ECTS
English C1.1
English C1
French B1
German B1

Fourth course

Tourism Businesses33 ECTS
Marketing new products
Touristic business creation
Quality Management
Touristic e-mediation
Package holidays
Profitability management
Financial management for tourism businesses
Tourism Consumer Protection
Social Tourism
Applied communication techiniques in tourism
Tourism 4.0
Leisure Facilities
Digital Technologies33 ECTS
Tourism 4.0
Artificial intelligence in tourism
Smart tourism destinations
Big Data in Tourism Industry
Community Manager
Tourism Accommodations33 ECTS
Hotel and tourist entertainment
Package holidays
Hotel quality
Hotel management
Equipment and structures
Management of apartments and houses for tourist use
Campsite management
Profitability management
Accomodation operational management
Room division operations
Hotel industry operations and production processes
Planning and opening of tourist accommodation
Customer relations for tourism
Study Visit
Final Degree Project15 ECTS
Final degree project
Practices12 ECTS

Professional skills

General and specific skills that students must acquire during the studies, the fulfillment of which required to grant the title:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge in the disciplines studying tourism
  2. Analyze, synthesize and interpret tourism
  3. Assess the activity itself and own learning and develop strategies for improvement
  4. Use English and other foreign language
  5. Select and use information technologies and the most appropriate to each communication situation
  6. Collect and select information effectively and efficiently
  7. Prevent and solve problems, conflicts and make decisions
  8. Teaming, establishing relationships that can help bring out more potential for cooperation and maintain a continuous basis.
  9. Have ability to personal relationships in any context and situation
  10. Analyze the ethical implications of tourism
  11. Designing creative proposals, have initiative and entrepreneurship.
  12. Coordinate and lead projects work or other activities
  13. Identify relevant elements from other cultures and the diversity of customs.
  14. Analyze and reflect on the transverse dimension of tourism and its evolving nature.
  15. Identify and understand the main tourist agents
  16. Define objectives, strategies and policies on tourism
  17. Communicate orally and in writing
  18. To analyze the impacts generated by tourism
  19. To analyze the operation and procedure of the various areas of tourism
  20. To analyze the characteristics and management initiatives, management and tourism planning
  21. Use the terminology and language of the various tourist areas
  22. critically analyze various tourism activities
  23. Use techniques, methods and basic models of tourism disciplines
  24. Read, understand and comment on scientific texts
  25. To assess the sustainability of their own proposals and actions


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