The higher cycle in Tourist Accommodation Management offered by the Mediterrani University School is the perfect opportunity to dedicate yourself professionally to the organization and control of tourist accommodation establishments.

What does tourist accommodation management consist of?

Basically in the organization of this type of accommodation, covering all the actions that may derive from it; from customer service to control and marketing, protocol and public relations, tourism marketing, management of tourist accommodation, human resources in accommodation… among other functions.

This professional will be able to:

  • Coordinate the services of tourist accommodation establishments, providing the optimal organizational structures for the management and control of their departments.
  • Analyze the market and market the accommodation’s own base product, as well as complementary services and products.
  • Organize and promote events in the establishment itself.
  • Analyze the market and market the accommodation’s own base product, as well as complementary services and products, managing reservations with business efficiency criteria.
  • Control and supervise the reception department, being able to provide the service, where appropriate, and ensuring customer service with the established quality levels.
  • Organize and promote events in the establishment itself, in coordination with the different departments involved, managing the necessary human and material resources.
  • Supervise the correct customer service, after-sales service and the management of complaints and claims.
What requirements must I meet to access the Mediterrani Higher Level Training Cycles?

You must meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Higher Level Training Cycle Degree
  • Middle Grade Vocational Training Certificate
  • University entrance exam over 25
  • Foreign Baccalaureate Homologation
  • Pass the entrance exam CFGS Mayores 19
What professional opportunities do you have?
  • Deputy director of tourist establishment accommodation.
  • Head of reception.
  • In charge of reservations.
  • Head of reservations.
  • Quality coordinator.
  • Governor or general manager of the floor and cleaning service.
  • Sub-governor or manager of the floor and cleaning service section.
  • Accommodation manager in nursing homes, hospitals and the like.
  • Accommodation manager in rural houses.
  • Event coordinator.
  • Head of sales in tourist accommodation establishments.
  • Commercial tourist accommodation establishments.


It is clear that this cycle is one of the most complete and with the best job opportunities in Spain. According to data from the World Tourism Organization, Spain occupies the fourth position in the list of countries with the most international tourists in the world. In 2019, nearly 84 million foreign residents chose to visit the country, setting an all-time record for arrivals.

I would like to close the blog with a curiosity that occurred in a hotel where I did an internship.

From the hotel there was a path that, after walking for an hour and a half, reached a waterfall in which you could bathe, it was not very big, but it had an undeniable charm. The problem is that the trail was small and intersected with other paths and it was very easy to get lost and not get to the waterfall. We had tried to hire “guides”, but the service was not always required or several people asked for it at the same time and in the end it was not a stable or practical job.

The solution came from the hand of a client “inadvertently”, he asked us for directions to the waterfall and I was in charge of giving them to him. At night I met him on the way to the dining room and I asked him if he had found the waterfall and he told me that, “yes, the guide had been an excellent walking companion.” i wasnt sure what he meant, but being an intern, I wasn’t always aware of new hires. A few days later, another client told us about the wonderful guide that accompanied them to the waterfall; and that’s where my curiosity got the better of me. It turns out that one of the cooks was bringing his dog to work, an adorable Labrador, and since the dog was bored, he liked to accompany the travelers, guiding them to the waterfall and bringing them back.

And you, do you have any curious anecdote that has happened to you in a hotel?