Last week we were talking (me writing) about the new predominant trend of shopping without the need for “human” cashiers, that we manage everything ourselves as customers, a good “I’ll buy it, I’ll cook it myself” 馃槈

Today the theme of the blog is about Tourism, and I wanted to see if this sector is also being affected by this modernism of making the “person” disappear and that the user is in charge of the management of their accommodation.

I don’t know about you, but what I’m looking for when I’m on holiday is not to have to think, what I want is to be given everything done, arrive, key, BOOM, I’m lying in the room with my head buried in the pillow.

Well, it’s not that easy anymore… I’ll tell you about it.

Camping with automatic check-in

Basically, and as the name suggests, you do everything in advance from home.

You are supposed to go to the website, make the subscription and download the campsite rules. Then you should receive another email with the map of the site, the plot you have been given (or bungalow) and the things you are going to need during your stay.

Actually, I’m describing how the booking system of a hotel works, so far so good. The inconvenience appears when the plot you have been assigned doesn’t fit your tent, or someone has got into it without warning, or when the little box in which they leave the bungalow key doesn’t work and doesn’t open (I know what I’m talking about) or when what you have paid for doesn’t match what you have been given… an endless number of unpredictable things that depend on a good human being to solve them. Well, I remind you that we are in a campsite without reception. And now?

We continue with the hotels

With the advent of technology and the advances it has brought to the tourism sector, the hotel without 24-hour reception is supposed to be the new norm.

I’m not convinced.

Hotels with automatic reception are those that allow you to check in without the need to physically go to the front desk and give your details in person to the receptionist. In some hotels, machines have been set up so that the guest can do the complete automated check-in, and this is what is commonly known as a hotel without 24-hour reception. In these machines the user has the possibility to check in, pay for the stay and receive the keys or the card that gives access to the room…. but who do I ask for ice? Or more towels? OK, yes, I can arrive at the hotel whenever I want and the receptionist doesn’t have to wait for me. But that feeling of being looked after, of being greeted when we go down for breakfast, of being able to talk to someone if the internet doesn’t work, I don’t know, I’m not convinced.

Shall I take care of the car too?聽

Yes, the advertising says: “Check in online to go directly to the totem pole without having to go to the counter and avoid physical contact with the salesperson”. But what happens if I want to see the salesman? Do you know how many times I have been upgraded in the car category because I got a nice salesman? Or he has given us the gps without charging us for being nice? That is not done by an automatic machine.

The system is called Key’n GO… but for me it’s NoNo Go.

To talk about the same thing, but about something else, travel agents.

This is a profession that will adapt to modern times in order to survive. In my parents’ time, our family trip was left in the hands of this agent because he was the only person who had access to the best prices and destinations.

Nowadays it is almost unthinkable not to use search engines, flight platforms and even ready-made holiday package websites.

The other day I met a girl who is a “travel agent-package finder”, I have to say that I loved the name a bit off-key. It turns out that this girl’s job is to travel the world and create tailor-made packages for her target audience.

She lives in a perennial holiday. She searches, tests, offers and makes agreements with hotels, restaurants, activities… I thought it was a great job. By the way, I asked her what she had studied and she told me Tourism.