Marketing technology often goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence through big data, commonly known as Martech. It allows marketers to learn about their potential customers. For example, where they are located, what they do, how they behave and what they are likely to do.

At this point in the film, it is almost impossible to address any topic without using technology. Even more so, without mentioning technologies that are emerging almost exponentially. In fact, by now, thousands of developers will have found new keys to design and launch prototypes of new systems that will help make sales departments, accounting, production and of course marketing much more efficient.

Until a few years ago, technology, marketing and management followed different paths, even generating information silos that were neither shared nor exploited. Today, the integration of all these disciplines allows, from the marketing point of view, to implement a much more agile and collaborative marketing and to promote multidisciplinary marketing in which technological talent plays a fundamental role.

The digital transformation has led marketing to an evolution based on technology. This is how Martech, or the combination of technology and marketing strategies to meet business objectives and, of course, a more than satisfactory customer experience, was born.

Marketing technologies, Martech, and advertising technologies, Adtech, are oriented towards different goals: Advertising aims to work on branding and driving traffic, click-through rates, sales, etc., while marketing aims to understand the customer, to understand their desires and to communicate with them, regardless of the medium they use.

However, the complexity of market behaviour and needs is driving advertising and marketing tools to work without distinction, converging in the search for information to understand the behaviour of the public, metrics techniques, user tracking and data interpretation.

The main areas of Martech where there is the possibility of developing business strategies are supported in:

  • Business analytics solutions: tools that make it possible to make sense of the information received through omnichannel.
  • Mobile Marketing: solutions that make it possible to take advantage of mobile platforms for the promotion of products or services, in addition to detecting consumer tastes.
  • Big Data: the use of the latest technologies for the management and interpretation of huge amounts of data, allowing the construction of high-value information.
  • Cloud Marketing: any type of marketing-oriented technology based on cloud services.
  • Social Network Monitoring: development of platforms that allow understanding, predicting and consolidating the information generated through the different social networks.

In the coming years, Martech will continue to develop constantly, therefore, professionals in the area must be attentive to its constant growth.