It is responsible for building, expanding and managing online communities. Through analytical tools that allow you to measure how users understand and perceive a specific brand, they try to make that feeling as similar as possible to the company’s communication objective.

A community manager, CM or internet community manager, is a very complex profession that brings together multiple skills and abilities.

It does more than manage a company’s social media. This person is in charge of creating a community around the value that your business offers, sharing important information, and not only selling, but also adding a benefit to this group for free.

What knowledge should a Community Manager have?

The Community Manager profile must also know about sales hacking, lead capture, inbound marketing, buyer persona, etc. In addition to identifying a fan or follower in the sales funnel, knowing how to apply attraction marketing actions or implement automation tools.
It sounds very complex, but there is a word that sums it all up, Empathy.

7 essential skills of the Community Manager:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Large doses of empathy
  3. Problem solver
  4. High level of writing
  5. Emotional balance and mediator
  6. Total involvement and commitment to the brand
  7. Passionate about social networks
What is the difference between community manager and community management?

The social media manager is responsible for planning the strategies that will be carried out on social networks, and the community manager is responsible for executing them. We can say that one is in charge of strategic action and the other of operations in social media.

15 key skills of the Community Manager what does a CM do?

As we already anticipated, the community manager is a true profession. Sometimes we confuse a Network manager with a community manager and it is not like that. A CM is a manager who will manage the voice of the company on the internet and determines the public image of the brand.

He has to take into account the following:

  1. Management in Social Networks
  2. Strategy and planning
  3. Lean Change Management
  4. Basic design tools
  5. Content Curation and Cool Hunting
  6. Story Telling and Transmedia Narrative
  7. Community Dynamizer
  8. Monitoring and active listening
  9. Measurement and Reporting
  10. Deep knowledge of the characteristics of social networks
  11. Neurocopyrighting and SEO on page.
  12. Search Marketing: SEO and SEM
  13. Inbound Marketing & Social CRM
  14. Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, tiktok, Outbrain)
  15. Hacking Social Media
Training, what to study to be a Community Manager?

The function of a good community manager is “strategic in any organization”. In order to perform its function well, as we have said, it must bring together a series of skills and abilities.

More and more professional community managers are being sought, although it is true that at first it was enough to have empathy and be familiar with the tone to be used in each network, each time it is a more professional figure with a very multidisciplinary profile. It is true that you can choose to train on your own or you can speed up this process by training yourself with a course of proven quality.

If you are going to develop a company’s strategy and want to help build 2.0 organizations, then you must work on the strategic approach and you probably have to train with a Marketing Degree.

How much does a Community Manager earn?

The Community Manager has made its way among the most outstanding professions given that more and more users demand and consume information through these channels.

Normally, a professional who is dedicated to managing business communication in networks can get a salary between 18,000 and 27,000 euros gross per year depending on their rank and the size of the company in which they work.