If you thought that this blog post was going to give you a list of bars on top of buildings with spectacular views, you will have to wait a little longer. What we intend with the title is to continue keeping the secret…

Secret bars of Barcelona


This bar is the subject of urban legends, to enter you must go through the bar owner’s closet. Access is not guaranteed, since the owner only opens the premises if he is in a good mood. El Closet is a small place, but full of charm and surprises.
Location: Carrer de la Riereta, 11.

Mut Bar

It’s exclusivity is so extreme that it is entirely forbidden to take photos in the place. To enter, you must first pass through a house. Of this bar we can say that its Parisian decoration covers the place with an atmosphere of yesteryear reminiscent of the famous Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris.
Location: Pau Clarís, 192.

Betty Ford’s

Indie music is the permanent soundtrack of this bar decorated in a very American retro style. Located in El Raval, this place attracts a large number of hipsters who just want to have some fun with their friends, have a few drinks and watch one of the screenings organized by Betty Ford’s. If you visit the place, do not hesitate to try their hamburgers.
Location: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 56.


This elegant bar seems to have stopped its clock at the time of Prohibition, when privacy was essential for those who wanted to go out for drinks. Its admission method is highly exclusive, since a password is required to enter.
Location: Carrer de Aribau, 162.


The most secret place on the list, its heavy metal door serves as a façade to this bar where the music plays harder than anyone outside would imagine. The attraction of this site lies in the time of its opening, because on any weekday at 4 in the morning you can see – or hear – it open without any problem.
Location: Carrer de la Neu de Sant Cugat.

Nevermind Skatebar

Its name betrays the influence that grunge has on this place full of graffiti, stickers and cheap beer. This is the ideal place for skateboard lovers, as it has a swimming pool for skateboarding. If you want to feel like you’re in 90’s Seattle, this is the place to do it.
Location: Carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 3.

Social Club Pipe

With 19th-century decor, this place offers a discreet setting to chat with friends until dawn. The premises consist of a six-room flat with views of Plaça Reial. To enter you must ring the bell, and then climb some very narrow stairs, to finally reach a place that seems to be taken from Sherlock Holmes stories.
Location: Plaza Real 3.


This charming cocktail bar is fronted by Bar Pastrami, a sandwich shop. How to enter? You must ask around the back. You must first go through a refrigerator, but you will not regret it.
Location: Carrer de Riera Palau, 4.

Bar Mariachi

Located in the Gothic quarter, this nice place is owned by the famous musician Manu Chao. His personality was reflected in the Mexican murals that adorn the place, in his mojitos and in the concerts that he organizes regularly. Bar Mariatchi is a very affordable option for those who are short on pasta and want to have a good time.
Location: Carrer dels Codols, 14.

Rabipelas Rawalistan

A little corner of Venezuela in Barcelona. Its colorful decoration, tropical cocktails and delicious arepas make Rabipelao a place that you should visit at least once in your life. Also, they allow pets.
Location: Carrer de la Mercè, 26.

Not so secret, but honoring the main title, and with a notable position for its incredible views, we have the rooftop of our Escola Mediterrani. But of course, access is restricted to a privileged few.