On 11 November 2022, the Spanish Veterinary Business Confederation (CEVE), as part of the 6th CEVE National Congress held in Valencia, presented to the press the 2022 Report on the socio-economic and employment situation of the veterinary sector in Spain, academic research carried out by Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez Aragón, director and professor of the Business Department of the Escola Mediterrani and Dr. Ariadna Gassiot Melian, professor of the Department of Statistics of the same department. The report highlights the progressive and, at times, intense recovery that has been taking place since 2015 in a large number of economic and financial indicators in the veterinary sector, although some of the indicators relating to the quality of employment, which suffered serious losses during the previous crisis and after the rise in veterinary VAT, have not yet reached the recovery that would be desirable.

On the other hand, it is proposed that in the coming years the sector should undertake a plan with consistent strategic lines that are committed to strengthening collective bargaining, focusing clearly on the 2030 agenda and the One Health model, improving communication in the interests of greater recognition of the profession and promoting a university-business relationship that is much more effective in terms of job creation.