The prestigious academic journal Revista Universidad y Empresa has published in its 42nd issue the article entitled “The Consumer’s Purchase Behaviour and Attitude towards Greenwashing. A comparative study between consumers in territories with different economic development” (, written by the university teachers Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez Aragón and Dra. Ariadna Gassiot-Melian and Business Department researcher Alba Nebot López.

The main objective of the research is to carry out a comparative analysis of purchasing behaviour in two territories of different economic development (Catalonia and Colombia) in terms of consumer acceptance of environmentally unfriendly practices by companies (e.g. greenwashing), based on the hypothesis that in the territory with higher income, consumers will be less permissive of these bad practices.

Alba Nebot’s collaboration with the Business Department began in her final year of her degree and news such as the publication of this academic article should serve to encourage and motivate all students who wish to collaborate with their teachers in the very interesting world of academic research, with the design and preparation phase of their TFG an ideal time to do so.

ACADEMIC ARTICLE ON THE CONSUMER’S PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR AND ATTITUDE TOWARDS GREENWASHINGComparative Study between Consumers in Territories with Different Economic Development