Barcelona is a city full of history, art and culture.

The Catalan capital, once seen and explored, can also serve as a starting point for numerous excursions.

In today’s blog we leave you with visits and excursions less than an hour’s drive away, for a one-morning getaway…

Gaudí’s Colonia Güell

The Colonia Güell is a small industrial colony located in the municipality of Santa Coloma de Cervelló. It is considered one of the most important places to study the architecture of Antoni Gaudí and is also one of the most important modernist complexes and tourist attractions in Catalonia.


It is considered to be the most important mountain in Catalonia and is only 30 kilometres from Barcelona. In the distance, its silhouette is unmistakable and beautiful. Here is the Benedictine sanctuary and monastery of Montserrat, dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, a symbol for Catalonia, a tourist attraction and a point of pilgrimage for believers.

The “Moreneta”, so called because of the dark colour of her face, is a Romanesque wood carving dating from the end of the 12th century. Its colour is the result of the transformation of the varnish on her face and hands due to the passage of time.

Montseny Natural Park

An hour’s drive from Barcelona, we find this natural treasure, which includes 17 municipalities. The Montseny Natural Park protects an area of the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range, of which the Montseny massif is the highest. In 1978 UNESCO declared it a biosphere reserve. In addition, adventure tourism can be practised here.

Món Sant Benet Monastery

The origins of this monastery date back to the 10th century, although the main building is in Romanesque style and dates from the 12th century.

The monastery was abandoned during the Disentailment of 1837, but in 1905 it was acquired by the family of the painter Ramón Casas, who renovated the area of the monks’ former cells to make them into a residence.

Now under the ownership of the La Pedrera Foundation, the visit includes a tour of the church, where you can see a multimedia presentation, as well as the very interesting cloister.

Cardona Castle

One of the most interesting monuments you can visit in the province of Barcelona is undoubtedly Cardona Castle, located on the same route as Manresa, a little further inland.

This historic castle is located on top of a hill next to the town of Cardona, whose history is marked by the presence of a salt mine that you can now visit.

The castle of Cardona has experienced key moments in history and has earned the reputation of being a fortification that has never been defeated.

Tavertet cliffs

If you are looking for an excursion from Barcelona to see some beautiful landscapes, we suggest you go and see the Tavertet cliffs, in the area of the natural space of Las Guilleries, near Rupit.

These are crags that rise above the Sau and Susqueda reservoirs, with reddish-coloured rocky outcrops in a wooded area with large cliffs.

The scenery is spectacular, and there you have the village of Tavertet, with stone houses, some built as far back as the 17th century.

We would love to know if you have a favourite excursion close to home or if there is a village you would like to recommend.