I spend half my life daydreaming, travelling with my imagination, catching planes that take me everywhere and discovering amazing hideaways. One of the things I like most about travelling is staying in original, different, special, magical accommodations. In this post I bring you a selection in case you want to make a weekend getaway to the other side of the world or you have a special occasion to celebrate.

Cabins in the trees

We start at home, this unpublished project was born in 2009. In the magical surroundings of the forests of Sant Hilari Sacalm, the first treehouse accommodation in the country was created. The wooden cabins are integrated into a landscape of mountains and forests located in the northeast of Catalonia. There, high up, you can disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with your essence, with the magic of nature, and fulfil a childhood dream of sleeping in a tree! Each cabin has its own view and its own decoration. The inside of the cabin is warm and comfortable. Outside, there is a terrace where you can enjoy the scenery and have breakfast in contact with nature. Adapted to the size of the tree that supports them, the cabins are octagonal in shape and have a surface area of 30 m².

And we leave you the direct link to them: https://www.cabanesalsarbres.com/es/

Underwater hotel

Located off the island of Pemba in the Zanzibar archipelago, the Manta Resort is the definition of tropical luxury. The floating hotel offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and African coastline from above and a unique perspective of what lies below in its underwater rooms. Each room is about four metres below sea level, so relaxing on the ocean has never been easier.

Ice hotel

Behind this architectural jewel, which is reborn each year with a new look, is a creative team specialising in ephemeral art. Each edition, a total of 200 artists from all over the world (graphic designers, architects, industrial engineers…) apply to be part of the Ice Hotel design.

Located some 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, it has 12 suites, 20 Ice Rooms, an art gallery and an Ice Bar.

Originally, the space was an art gallery – ARTic Hall – but one night, guests asked to spend the night in the igloo. They were equipped with reindeer skins and sleeping bags, and woke up captivated by the experience. That is how the hotel adventure began.

Sleeping in wagons

Situated on the edge of Capitol Reef National Park, this resort offers a variety of accommodation, including Conestoga wagons so you can experience the early days of the West first hand. Of course, your stay will be a little more luxurious, with comfortable double beds and two sets of single bunk beds, ideal for a family, sleeping up to six people. Although based on 19th century designs, you won’t have to hustle like the pioneers, as they are all air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms just a few steps away. Enjoy the stunning natural scenery of the Red Cliffs and sit around the campfire at night, under a glittering canopy of stars.

We end on a high (and high) note

If the idea of a space hotel sounds appealing, mark your calendar for 2025. Orbital Assembly, a company specialising in the design and construction of space stations, plans to open luxury accommodation in space by that date. So those of us with adventurous souls should start considering the final frontier as a destination. With two space hotels in the pipeline – Voyager Station and the more recently announced Pioneer Station – anyone’s next break could be among the stars.