Barcelona, the weekend is coming, you don’t feel like doing the same plans as always, eating, walking, a tour to see monuments… I’m bored; you feel like doing something different, but you don’t know exactly what. We want to make you a different proposal, plans that were not in your plans, Barcelona has a lot to offer and not only on foot…

We offer you plans that are not only to enjoy at the time of the activity, but that will keep you in suspense long before, with that little bit of fun nerves that makes us count the days with desire and with a constant smile.

Helicopter ride

Fly over the city in a helicopter, enjoying magnificent views of Tibidabo, Camp Nou, Eixample, Sagrada Família, Hospital de Sant Pau… A sensation you have to experience at least once in your life, and which is suitable for everyone. There are prices and packages to suit all budgets, longer, shorter, further away… you don’t need to be a tourist to discover the city from the sky.

Boat trip

Admire the sunset over Barcelona from a comfortable 23-metre catamaran or from a yacht or sailing boat. Enjoy live music and breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. Choose the offer that includes an aperitif and drink and make the experience a rounded plan. Is there a better plan? Peace and quiet, the waves, the music, a group of friends. I’m in.

Museum of Illusions

In this museum you can interact with large murals and immerse yourself in their fantasy worlds. Its 3D illustrations are created by the best mural painters and stand out for their quality and originality.

The visit lasts about an hour and a quarter, depending on how much time you spend in each room and how many photos you take. A different and quite fun plan. Don’t miss it…

Legends Tour

On this nocturnal route through Barcelona we’ll discover the stories and legends of the city as we walk through its oldest streets. Are you ready to unveil its mysteries? It’s another way to take an interactive stroll while they tell you curiosities, legends and ghost stories. Highly recommended, entertaining and, above all, different.

Electric bicycle tour

Let’s not fool ourselves, we don’t always feel like exploring a city from “end to end”. but you can always enjoy Barcelona on an electric bicycle tour. There’s nothing easier than riding a smooth, fast electric bike while your guide takes you to legendary sites like La Sagrada Familia. It’s fun, you get exercise, you can stop whenever you want and there are a thousand routes to choose from.

Flying in the wind tunnel

A few years ago, this activity was a great unknown. Who hasn’t dreamt at some point of flying, of lifting their feet off the ground and turning into a bird?

You don’t need to dream too much, because now it is possible, with a controlled wind power system, and with the help of the

controlled wind power system, and with the help of an instructor, we can let ourselves go and feel gravity slip away from us for a little while. Barcelona is lucky enough to be one of the few Spanish cities to have a Wind Tunnel. I can’t think of anything better to do on any given Sunday than to go flying.

I hope you liked my mini selection of alternative plans, I understand that they are not things to do every day, but if you have a commitment, a gift to make or you feel like enjoying a different day… enjoy and share your photo with us!