Grants for EUM students

EU Mediterrani offers different Scholarship and Aid options for new access students to be able to access Mediterrani studies.

In the case of international students, you must consult the bases on the official website of the Consulate or Embassy of your country.

The person responsible for the scholarship service is Montse Escudero, you can contact her directly by email

Collaboration Scholarship

Participation in the JPO and Saló de l’Ensenyament together with the EUM team


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Mediterrani Experience Scholarship

Visits or presentations with the EUM academic counsellor


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Family Scholarship

EUM Degree students with newly admitted siblings to Degree

8% course

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CoEUM Scholarship

Collaborate in the coEUM space during the academic year


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Community Manager Team Scholarship

You will be part of the EUM Community Manager team


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Academic Excellence Scholarships

Best EUM academic record

25% course

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MEC / AGAUR Scholarship

Grants from the Ministry of Education or Generalitat of Catalonia for our studies

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