Discover the latest trends that are transforming the tourism industry, the most innovative technologies and the leading companies at the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR), the 2nd most important fair in the tourism sector worldwide, held at IFEMA Madrid. The previous edition increased by 220,000 attendees, an increase of 99.6% over the previous year.

Inspiration for future tourism professionals

If you are young and passionate about tourism, studying a Tourism Degree is one of the best options, as our country receives more than 80 million tourists a year. Moreover, by 2024, Spain is set to become the world’s leading tourist destination.

Integrating the experience of our teachers in training

At EUM, we understand the importance of connecting theory with practice. Fitur is an opportunity for our teachers to immerse themselves in the reality of tourism, see emerging trends up close and connect with industry professionals. This direct connection enriches their knowledge and provides them with a different vision to then apply in class and in our research, as is the case of our teacher Dr. Gaspar Berbel who will present, for the first time, a short film of his research on “The social function of bars in Spain”.

A unique networking opportunity

Fitur is not only a tourism showcase, but also a space to build valuable connections by connecting with professionals in the sector, learn from their experiences and establish connections that can open doors for future job opportunities.

Showcase of tradition and modernity in tourism

For those with more experience, Fitur offers a glimpse into the evolution of the tourism industry. From preserving cultural authenticity to embracing emerging technologies, this fair reflects how tourism can be a captivating blend of tradition and modernity.

In summary, tourism globally increased by 36% in 2023, indicating that it will continue to grow in the future as it has done in recent years and is a sector with many career opportunities both nationally and internationally.