The signing of Kylian Mbappé by Real Madrid has not only generated excitement among fans, but is also projected to be a major economic operation. The professor and director of the Department of Business at EUM, Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez Aragón and Professor Dr. Ariadna Gassiot Melian (until last year, a member of the university’s faculty), have given an interview about this phenomenon to the popular sports website Relevo, of the Vocento Group. According to their analysis, Mbappé’s impact on the club will be immediately reflected in increased merchandising sales and the attraction of new and more lucrative sponsorships.

Dr Gassiot and Dr Gutiérrez compare the move to the arrival of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, currently with Al-Nassr F.C., noting that Real Madrid will use similar strategies that have previously proved successful. The ‘perfect storm’ combining Real Madrid’s global brand with the figure of an elite player like Mbappé is expected to increase the club’s revenues to record levels. This growth will be evident not only in shirt sales and other products, but also in interest from sponsors willing to invest more.

Furthermore, the study emphasises that the signing will help Real Madrid to consolidate its presence in key markets, such as France and the Persian Gulf, precisely where Fly Emirates has a strong influence. The research carried out by the professors of the Escola Universitaria Mediterrani underlines the importance of these new revenues and their potential to strengthen the club’s economy. The ability of our professors to analyse the socio-economic environment and foresee its trends in its multiple fields, including, as in this case, the sporting one.