AMVAC (Asociación Madrileña de Veterinarios de Animales de Compañía) has elaborated a report in direct collaboration with a member of the EUM faculty, Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez Aragón. They have completed the study with internal annual reports on the sector created and elaborated by Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez Aragón and Dr. Ariadna Gassiot Melian for the CEVE (Spanish Veterinary Business Confederation).

It has been a real pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with them by providing useful information for the preparation of this document, being sure that the data and results of the report will be useful in subsequent studies on the veterinary sector that we issue from our institution.

The aim of this report is to be a useful tool for the owners of veterinary clinics, who will be able to know the trends and opportunities that may arise, useful for the companies in the sector, which will be able to know the size of the market in which they operate and focus on the areas that most interest them, with estimates of future growth and evolution, as well as (in a few years time, from 3 years onwards? ) become a measurable reference of the trend of all the key indicators of the report, and of course, useful for associations and institutions, both public and private, which will be able to use these data for the defence and good development of a sector that currently has the best forecasts of solidity and sustained growth within the economic activity at world level.