About us


EUM wants to contribute to creating a more sustainable and respectful future with the environment, carrying out actions and awareness-raising tasks so that our facilities and the entire community help us achieve this ambitious but necessary objective.

We also focus on the training that our students receive. At EUM we have implemented the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in our study plans, which form a transversal axis in all the training we provide at EUM.

We have planned different actions so that in our 2030 strategic plan we become a benchmark university center in relation to sustainability.



  • Installation of motion sensors in all our facilities
  • Renovation of efficient lighting (LED type)
  • Insulation of new windows on the façade of the teaching building, greater light and sound insulation and efficiency in temperature conservation
  • Solar panel installation project (plan 2025) Air conditioning and heating temperature control.


  • Placement of waste selection devices in the facilities
  • Strategic plan towards “paper 0” (2025)


Both of our buildings are located in the super block plan of Barcelona, offering a much more sustainable mobility with efficient transport such as public transport, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, etc…

Located in a new small green lung in the Eixample of Barcelona near Plaza España and Sants Estació, we have become a university center accessible from any point of the Catalan geography.