Your success our prestige

This slogan placed in the entry of the building Mediterrani remembers us every day that our brand has made to itself big thanks to the work and the excellent human quality of our pupils.

EU MEDITERRANI, the prestige of a great brand.

The beginnings of the University School Mediterrani, assigned to the University of Girona, go back a year 1987, and since then, Mediterrani’s principal aim has been to prepare our pupils to be the best professionals who need the sectors of the Tourism and the Marketing. Mediterrani offers you in Barcelona the prestigious official university titles of Degree in Tourism, Degree in Marketing, and Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing, titles adapted to the European Space of Top Education and granted by the University of Girona. In addition Mediterrani also gives Vocational Education and Training of Travel Agencies and Events Management, and Tourismt Hospitality Management also with qualifications of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

Being ancient pupil of the University School Mediterrani supposes a quality guarantee for the companies. 25 years of Mediterrani’s experience forming university students support the preparation closely of 6.000 former pupils who at present occupy positions of responsibility in companies of prestige, directing and managing also their own companies and that in addition realize Networking’s labor favoring this way to all our academic community.

Rocafort street 104, 08015 BarcelonaMetro: L1 Rocafort | L1 y L3 Espanya | L5 Entença

Bus: 13 | 14 | 20 | 27 | 41 | 43 | 50 | 59 | 65 | 94 | 109 | H10 – H14


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Floors 8-9

Besides the wireless technology WI-FI in the whole building, you will have this floor dedicated to computers, with more than 100 computers of last generation connected to Internet and equipped with the most advanced software and service of digital impression.

Here you will find our university dinning room, a playful and meeting space where to enjoy in a complete service of automated product sales and where also you can eat at any of the two magnificent terraces surrounded with excellent sights on Barcelona.

Floors 2-7

We have ergonomic classrooms with capacity for more than 750 students and full equipped services as TV, electrified tables for the computer, internet WI-FI and other multimedia systems.

Floor 1

Space Tutorials: 250 m2 of modern facilities where you will be able to realize personalized tutorships with your teachers. Here also you will find our Service of Agency.

Ground FLOOR

From here you will accede to our library specialized in Tourism and in Marketing equipped with computers of support and with more than 6000 volumes of bibliography, movies, works etc. In addition also you will find our personalized Service of Scholarships and the Service of Housing for students.

How will class attendance be like during the 1st semester of the Degree?

We have to follow the instructions that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Universities give. Until there is a cure for the Coronavirus, all hygiene and safety measures must be respected. Among other measures, such as the use of masks, hand washing, etc., maintain a safe distance and reduce the number of simultaneous students in the classroom and in the University buildings.

Which are the pre-registration and enrollment dates for the Degree?

The university pre-registration dates are: from June 23 to July 29 (both included).

How is the total price of the Degree calculated?

The number of credits for the 1st semester, the 2nd semester and the annual credits must be added. Once you have them, they must be multiplied, for example, if you choose the quarterly payment, you have to do as follows: the number of credits of the 1st semester, with the quarterly amount of blended, the number of credits of the 2nd semester, with the quarterly amount of the face-to-face, and the number of annual credits, with the quarterly amount of the annual. Finally, you add the totals.

What will the class schedule be like during the 1st semester in the Degree regarding the 50% attendance?

What it has been established now is that there can only be 50% of the students in the class; therefore, we will divide you into two groups (A, B). This means that you will come to class, for example: One group will come 3 days a week in person and the other group 2 days a week. Even if you come to classes only two or three days a week, it does not mean that you do not do the class, you will have it online- Moreover, there will also be the option to see it recorded.
Don’t worry because, in September, before the start of classes, we will send an email to everyone in order to explain how it looks definitively.

How will the 1st semester evaluation be in the Degree?

Each professor is the one who coordinates and manages their subject, so this information will appear on Moodle. If you need more information contact the professor.

Students living outside Barcelona, can they do the course online?

We are governed by what the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Universities indicate, the classes will be semi-presential, only in the 1st semeste;, therefore, if the student lives outside Barcelona, they can choose to do the 1st semester online, but they must take into account that the 2nd semester classes are 100% face-to-face, and attendance to class is a must.

Which are the enrollment dates and how will it be?

The enrollment dates are: in July from 13 to 30 and in September from 1 to 15 (except from 7 to 10).

What is happening to the next CFS course and, how and when will the enrollment be?

The course is held in person, as long as the authorities allow it. You can register online or in person; in June if you are a 2nd-year-student. 1st year students in June, July and September until the places are filled.

What does EU MEDITERRANI, a center attached to the UdG, offer me that other universities do not offer me?

We are a university center with the aim of providing a training environment of reference in the field of Tourism and Marketing, and which requires us to anticipate changes in the social demand of professionals or their training, to adapt the training programs to the new requirements of the society. The advanced language programs with official accreditations of EU Mediterrani, as well as the wide range of practices from the first year, make a clear difference in the training of our students.

Will I get an official title?

Yes, both the Degree in Tourism and the Degree in Marketing, as well as the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing, are official university degrees of the University of Girona. In the same way that the Higher Level Training Cycles of Management of Tourist Accommodation and of Travel Agencies and Event Management are official titles of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

What is the cut-off grade to access university studies?

The court note is determined by the official regulations. In the tab “Access requirements” of the different studies you will find them specified. In recent years a 5 note cut has been sufficient for access.

Can I validate subjects?

You can request recognition or transfer of credits if you have overcome all or part of other university studies. The regulations of each center regarding academic recognition can be found on the regulations page of each university. The application and necessary documentation to request the academic recognition will be presented in the center’s secretariat.

Normativa UdeG

Also, the students of Degree in Tourism, Degree in Marketing or the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing who have completed certain training cycles can recognize the subjects referenced in the specific tables that can be consulted in the page of each degree.

In what language are the classes taught?

The classes are mostly in Catalan and Spanish but English is a language that is frequently used in the degree courses to facilitate the mobility of students and their future employment.

Are there scholarships to study?

Yes, you can see this information on the corresponding page, in addition the EU Mediterrani Scholarship Service will give you complete information on the different types of scholarships and grants that are awarded, either internal Mediterrani scholarships or scholarships granted by the public administration.

What professional opportunities do the different studies have?

On the “Working World” page, you can check the different professional opportunities of each of the studies.


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