From EUM, professor Elena Puiggròs in collaboration with Erasmushogeschool Brussel has carried out a COIL. The intention for the future is that more subjects will be involved in this project.

What is a COIL?

A COIL translates as “Collaborative Online International Learning”, is an approach that, as part of your classroom, connects students and teachers from different cultures to learn, discuss and collaborate with each other.

Teaching Innovation Network

During the academic year 2020-2021, the Teaching Innovation Network on Virtual Exchange and COIL has been created as a result of the growing interest in virtual exchange and the opportunities it opens up for both students and teachers.

This network was also created in response to the promotion of internationalisation at home, the University of Girona, as part of the #UdG Global internationalisation strategy approved by the Governing Council at the beginning of 2020.

Its members are professors who have already carried out virtual exchange activities, or who are in the process of designing and creating online collaborative learning activities. Members are drawn from all faculties and also from the Modern Language Service.