Are you young? do you like to travel? are you broke? Well, we have something to tellyou…

It turns out that the Goverment offers aid to Spanish citicens between 18 and 30 years totravel this summer in our country and Europe, up to 90% discount!!! 馃樀

How does this aid work?

The grants are aimed at young people with Spanish nationality or young people withnationality of a European Union country with legal residence in Spain, born between1993 and 2005. To access the discounts, potential beneficiaries must register on the Mitma website before making the first purchase to check that the eligibilityrequirements are met.

Tickets for trains and buses that depend on the State will be discounted by 90%, whilethose for High Speed trains and Interrail passes will be discounted by 50%.

What is Interrail?

Interrail is a personal and non-transferable pass, which can be purchased and used byresidents of most European countries. It allows you to discover more than 40,000 destinations in 33 European countries, traveling by train, in first or second class, or byboat (between Italy and Greece).

In reality, it is a concept that was forged to motivate university students to travel aroundEurope in an economical way. In the 2000s it was even a tradition. Finish universityand go for a month with your friends from train to train… it is likely that after severalweeks of traveling you will no longer know if you are in Prague, Milan or in somevillage in Lithuania.

While we’re at it, and being a fervent admirer of train rides, I’m going to leave you a selection of the most beautiful routes in Europe:

Glacier Express, Switzerland.

It is one of the most emblematic railway lines in the world… although it is also theslowest high-speed train in Europe. The trip from Zermatt to Davos takes no less than 7 hours. But far from seeming like a long trip, it will allow us to calmly enjoy itsbreathtaking scenery. As we climb aboard we will cross more than 90 tunnels and crossmore than 290 amazing bridges.

Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland.

The Glenfinnan railroad viaduct and its famous train is so famous that, unconsciously, we have already seen it hundreds of times in movies. Above all, in the popular Harry Potter saga. You know what train we are talking about, don’t you?

Train of S贸ller, Spain.

Located between the mountains and the sea, S贸ller is undoubtedly one of the mostcharming villages in Mallorca. Do you want to have an incredible view of the island?We invite you to experience a trip aboard the traditional train that climbs the Serra de la Tramuntana. Simply spectacular.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a hyper-connected city with spectacular metro stations ranked as the mostbeautiful metro stations in Europe. But its trains are undoubtedly one of the mostbeautiful and environmentally friendly ways to travel around the city.

Bernina Express, Switzerland

This World Cultural Heritage railway line runs 130 kilometers between Thusis and Tirano, two Swiss communes. We will cross 196 bridges, 55 tunnels and about 20 municipalities. That’s right… in a truly inspiring journey. Quite simply, a journey thatyou have to make once in your life.

Cinque Terre Express, Italy

It is the perfect excuse to discover, in a different way, one of the most coveted and beautiful regions of Italy: the beloved, colorful and surrounded by beautiful landscapesCinque Terre. Here we can come to think that these landscapes come straight out of a fairy tale.

Rigi Mountain, Lucerne, Switzerland

Here we find one of the most incredible panoramic views of Switzerland and, above all, it becomes more special if it is from a steam train with the peculiarity that its enginedoes not pull it, but pushes it! An experience from another world… past.

Flam, Norway

The Flam Railway is an experience that transports us through the Norwegian landscapeson an enchanted journey. This journey has become one of the favorite attractions fortravelers from all over the world to discover Norway… with a tour through its incrediblelandscapes.

I can’t wait to start traveling!