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If you are thinking about your future and are passionate about the idea of working in a dynamic sector full of opportunities, studying a Higher Degree in Tourism Accommodation Management in Barcelona could be the key to opening incredible doors for you.

Why choose a Vocational Training in Hospitality and Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism cycles are among the Top 5 in the HNC employment ranking. They stand out among the professional families with the highest rates of job placement within the Vocational Training (VT) offerings, with rates ranging from 75% to 82% for higher studies. This underscores the high demand for highly trained professionals in this sector.

High job placement

According to the 2023 Labor Market Survey of Professional Education, conducted by the Department of Education and the General Council of Chambers of Catalonia, the Hospitality and Tourism sector has an employment rate of 64.2%. This data indicates that studying a HNC in this field is a strategic choice for those seeking stability and professional growth.

Practical and dynamic training

Another advantage of Vocational Training studies is their practical approach. 22% of students choose this training because they consider it practical and applied, allowing them to acquire real skills from day one. This approach is crucial in the hospitality and tourism sector, where practical experience is essential.

Duration and flexibility

The relatively short duration of the VT programs is also an attractive factor. 10% of students choose because of it’s short duration compared to other educational options, allowing them to enter the labor market more quickly.

Access to university

FP cycles also offer a pathway to university, a reason why 9% of students choose this option, combining practical and academic training.

Barcelona: the ideal place to study tourism

Barcelona is a vibrant and culturally rich city, and a major tourist hub worldwide. Studying here gives you the opportunity to be at the heart of the action, where the tourism industry is constantly moving and evolving.

Cultural diversity and international opportunities

The city attracts visitors from all over the world, providing a unique experience for students. This diversity enriches the training and opens doors to international opportunities.

Activities and experiences at EUM

If you decide to study the HNC in Tourism Accommodation Management at EUM, you will be choosing an institution committed to educational excellence and the comprehensive training of its students. EUM stands out for its focus on professional practice and training in a real work environment.

Professional internships and exchange programs

EUM has agreements with companies in the tourism sector in Barcelona, guaranteeing high-quality internships and building a network of professional contacts from day one. It also offers Erasmus programs abroad, allowing students to live international experiences and perfect their language skills.

Your future in Tourism and Hospitality starts here

Choosing to study a HNC in Tourism Accommodation Management in Barcelona is a decision that opens up a world of opportunities. With a high job placement rate and practical training in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, this option is ideal if you are looking for a promising career in tourism and hospitality.

The world of tourism awaits you with open arms!