Summer is approaching, the tourists, the crowded streets, the good weather is approaching, the museums with queues, the outdoor activities, the warm nights with full terraces, the restaurants with patios, the long walks, the plans to go on holiday, the weekend getaways, the get-togethers with friends, the summer cinemas, the melting ice creams, summer is approaching and today the weather is bad… You have to work in the city.

Don’t worry too much, do you have an intensive working day? Do you have to study? We suggest different things to do in Barcelona and enjoy what’s left of the day.

Picnic in Barcelona

Head to Mar Bella Park.

This green spot is next to the Ronda del Litoral, and it’s an ideal place to take your picnic equipment with you. The grass is in good condition and the trees, in addition to beautifying the surroundings, can provide shade if the sun gets too hot. It’s next to the skate park, so you can eat while watching people scrape their knees, or you can skateboard yourself.

Another place to get lost is the Turó del Putxet park.

In the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood is one of the most unknown parks in the city for those who don’t live in the area. However, it is one of the most pleasant and secluded corners of Barcelona, full of vegetation and even has views of the sea. You can go for nice walks, play sports and games (there are ping-pong tables, petanque courts, basketball hoops…), relax or even have a meal, as there is a space with wooden tables and benches. And that’s just 15 minutes by metro from Plaça de Catalunya.

Summer cinema

If you like both, cinema and summer, DragonBall “fusion” is for you. Summer cinema!

There is so much to choose from, this 2023 we find festivals, films in original version, dubbed, subtitled, for children, scary, classic… I leave you a link with the calendar of events this summer:

Click here and see what best suits your summer schedule.

A couple of cool routes

Route in the Montseny Nature Reserve

One of the most marvellous places to be found in the province of Barcelona is, without a doubt, the Montseny Nature Reserve. A natural area, next to the province of Girona, that you should visit at your own pace. It is highly recommended, above all, during the autumn months, when its forests are tinged with different shades of ochre and red.

Its beauty makes it one of the most visited places in the interior of this beautiful province. To discover it at a leisurely pace, it is clear that the best way is to take a hiking route where you can discover Montseny in all its splendour.

Route in Montnegre i el Corredor

Practically next to the coast, next to municipalities such as Mataró, Arenys de Mar or Canet de Mar, an interesting mountain range emerges, belonging to the Catalan coastal mountain range. It is a special place, given its proximity, for a hiking route in Barcelona. We are talking about the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park, which gives its name to the two massifs that make it up.

It is an area characterised by its abrupt relief and Mediterranean forest, but also by its incredible historical and cultural values, as shown, for example, by the existence of the dolmens of Pedro Gentil, dating from the Neolithic period, or, more recently, by some unique farmhouses that are scattered throughout this impressive territory.

Noicee beach in Barcelona or at the swimming pool

Barcelona is a great city with a great advantage, its beaches… What about a couple of hours of rest in the middle of your hot day? To the beach.

We have San Sebastian beach, San Miguel beach, Barceloneta beach and Somorrostro beach, to name a few of the more central ones.

The further you get away from the central beaches, the less tourists you will find.

And if you fancy a more controlled environment with less sand and you don’t mind paying a few euros, you can always take a look at this list of the swimming pools available for you in Barcelona.

And you, what are your plans for this summer?