EUM has had the privilege of being visited by the Rector Magnifico of the UdG, Dr. Quim Salvi, who was accompanied by the Vice-Rector Dr. Salvador Marti Puig, the Vice-Rector of the academic and quality area, Ms. Mireia Agustí and the elected representative of the Government of the Generalitat, Ms. Maria Assumpció Vila Simón.

EUM is one of the sector’s favourites. In the Saló is present the Studies Counsellor, who, together with the support of a representation of students from the different Degrees and CFGS and the administrative team, provides all the necessary information to be able to decide on the basis of a professional and professional future.

What is the Saló de l’Ensenyament?

The Saló de l’Ensenyament is held as part of Fira de Barcelona’s Education and Work Week. It is one of the major events in the field of education, which also includes Futura, the Saló de Màsters i Postgraus, the Fira Internacional d’Empreses Simulades and ITworldEdu (currently cancelled, although not definitively).

The Saló de l’Ensenyament plays a key role as an orientation platform for thousands of future students who want to choose the best option for the start of their professional career. To this end, it offers guidance services with workshops and guided tours, among other activities.

This year the Saló de l’Ensenyament presents some 150 proposals and will carry out more than a thousand individualised consultations aimed at young people, their families, teachers and other professionals in the field of education, involved in the choice of the academic and professional future of students.

Futura offers added value activities such as guidance services to choose the Master’s or postgraduate course that best suits your interests and needs; Speed dating to explain in just one minute who you are, what you contribute and what you want in a company; or the Capsules, 10-12 minute information to guide you in the identification, assessment and choice of a Master’s degree. It also has a recruitment area where national and international companies offer jobs to Spanish professionals.