Mediterrani includes as realize Degree in Tourism or Degree in Marketing free accreditations of English of Cambridge and of French of the CCI of Paris

A recent study on the English in Spain reveals that only 20 % of the population relies on an official title that should accredit its English level. Because of it in EU. Mediterrani, beside having been pioneering in giving 6 languages inside the Degree in Tourism and 5 in de Degree in Marketing we are fullly conscious of the usefulness that has for our pupils to can accredit, if not all, a part of this knowledge. For it, Mediterrani is the only center that includes in the price of the Degree in Tourism and of the Degree in Marketing English´s accreditations of the Cambridge University (First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency) and also, inside the Degree in Tourism, the French accreditation (DFP) granted by the Chambre de Commerce et d´Industrie de Paris.