EU Mediterrani, center attached to the UdG, participated as a collaborator in the second edition of the t4t – Talent for Tourism congress that took place April 16 in Barcelona. Congress where experts in consumer centricity development such as Victor Küppers, Antonio Ruíz and Mago More discussed the consumer centricity formula that has become a benchmark for professionals in the tourism sector. Consumer centricity is the strategy that places the best customers at the center of a company’s activity and was born as a new way of focusing the business with the purpose of increasing profits. t4t – Talent For Tourism already has the support of the main institutions, associations and entities of the industry at a national and international level and is the reference congress of the tourism sector organized annually by Turijobs, a leading company in the development of talent and training in the tourism and hospitality sector. It is a meeting between professionals, companies and opinion leaders in the tourism sector. Its purpose is to provide knowledge and valuable content about the sector, analyze current and future trends and provide innovation routes applied to different areas of the tourism industry.