The Centre Committee of this 2017 of the Mediterrani University School, attached centre to the University of Girona, that was celebrated on July 12, counted on the part of the University with the participation of the Delegate of the Rector for Attached Centers, Dr. Fina Patiño; the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Policy and Teaching, Dr. Francesc Roca; the Head of the Academic Management Service and Students Dr. Helena Montiel; the Secretary, Ms. Sandra Costa. In addition, the EU Mediterrani was attended by the General Director, Mr. Eulogio Arza; The Academic Director, Dr. Blanca Braut; the Head of Academic Secretary, Mrs. Olga Domínguez; The Head of the Department of Scholarships, Ms. Montse Escudero; and the Director of Communication, Mr. Joan V. Sagristà.