Within the Cycle «Tourist Colloquia in Mediterrani», on November 14 and 16 we have had scheduled two new colloquia. On the 14th, Daniel Orobitg, from the HR department of the SAGARDI company will visit us, who gave an interesting talk on gastronomy and restoration in Barcelona, and the needs to be covered by tourism students. On the 16th was the turn of the BC Agency with a discussion by Enid Echeverría, Pier & Airport Supervisor and Head of HR who will lead a discussion on the World of Cruises and the needs to be covered in this important area for our city. Both colloquia will take place from 12:30 to 13:30 hours in classrooms 31 and 41 respectively. We remind that in addition to the students of EU Mediterrani all those students interested in studying Tourism are invited. It is also recommended that students bring a copy of their Curriculum Vitae to be delivered to companies.