One of the formations with more opportunities in a leading city in the tourism sector such as Barcelona

The Tourism Degree of University School Mediterrani is one of the formations with more opportunities in a leading city in the tourism sector such as Barcelona. If you are interested in acquiring management skills for positions in the tertiary sector companies anywhere in the world, enrol in Tourism Degree.


The labor market in this sector is among the few that has continued to offer opportunities in recent years and received positive feedback in terms of growth. The latest data from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism show that tourism in Spain is at its best, both in number of international arrivals, and inner movement. In 2016, the autonomous region has received more international tourists was Catalonia. In addition, it is expected further improve these figures in the coming years.

If you are interested in tourism, hotel and restaurant projects and want to receive training that enables you aspire to the best jobs in the sector with a language preparation that will open the doors to the international market, without forgetting the new technologies of the internet (you will enjoy a portable Apple gift and habitual use in the classrooms) make your enrollment in the Degree of Tourism College Mediterrani.


  • MacBook Air for use in classes.
  • Preparation and exam of the official English title First Certificate, Advanced o Proficiency in the university.
  • Preparation and exam of the official French DFP de la CCI Paris, at the university. dfp Centre de Préparation
  • Preparation and examination of the official German title of the Goethe Institut at the university.
  • You will have free access to the platform of access to job offers in tourism the most important in the world, HOSCO.
  • Free official title of the AMADEUS reservation program.
  • Extensive program of personalized Tutorials, coaching sessions and reinforcement classes thanks to the manifestly effective Action Plan Tutorial of EU Mediterrani.
  • Collaboration with companies in Barcelona’s most important tourism sector to offer our students more than 1000 jobs and 1200 internship offers.
  • Opportunity to study up to 6 languages within the tourist career.
  • 10 storey building fully equipped and updated.
  • 30 years of experience in training and 3 quality certifications (IQNet, AENOR, AQU).
  • Central location and good public transport. See Map

At the end of the Tourism Degree at our university you get:

Official Title Graduate in Tourism from the Unversity of Girona.

We are an agency attached to the University of Girona, thanks to the high quality of our degrees, the great preparation of our staff and our facilities, so that students who finish their studies at our school, obtained the official title of the University of Girona center.

Proffesional profile:To help you in your entry into the labor market, we developed a professional profile of the qualities and competencies and send it directly from the university to national and international companies that are interested in working.


Name of the study: Degree in Tourism

University Preinscription Code: 81038

Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences

Duration: 4 years

European credits: 240

Degree Title Obtained: Graduated in Tourism by the University of Girona

Orientative number of places: 120


General and specific skills that students must acquire during the studies, the fulfillment of which required to grant the title:

  1. Acquire basic knowledge in the disciplines studying tourism
  2. Analyze, synthesize and interpret tourism
  3. Assess the activity itself and own learning and develop strategies for improvement
  4. Use English and other foreign language
  5. Select and use information technologies and the most appropriate to each communication situation
  6. Collect and select information effectively and efficiently
  7. Prevent and solve problems, conflicts and make decisions
  8. Teaming, establishing relationships that can help bring out more potential for cooperation and maintain a continuous basis.
  9. Have ability to personal relationships in any context and situation
  10. Analyze the ethical implications of tourism
  11. Designing creative proposals, have initiative and entrepreneurship.
  12. Coordinate and lead projects work or other activities
  13. Identify relevant elements from other cultures and the diversity of customs.
  14. Analyze and reflect on the transverse dimension of tourism and its evolving nature.
  15. Identify and understand the main tourist agents
  16. Define objectives, strategies and policies on tourism
  17. Communicate orally and in writing
  18. To analyze the impacts generated by tourism
  19. To analyze the operation and procedure of the various areas of tourism
  20. To analyze the characteristics and management initiatives, management and tourism planning
  21. Use the terminology and language of the various tourist areas
  22. critically analyze various tourism activities
  23. Use techniques, methods and basic models of tourism disciplines
  24. Read, understand and comment on scientific texts
  25. To assess the sustainability of their own proposals and actions


They may enroll in the Tourism Degree Mediterrani EU if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Entrance exams to college (PAU) – Selectivity.
  • Training courses superior grade (CFGS y FPII)or equivalent qualifications.
  • Entrance exams to college for over 25 years.
  • Entrance exams to college for over 45 years
  • You have completed other studies with official degree, degree, diploma or equivalent

If you need more information about access to the degree in tourism, convalidations, etc., You can contact us through the form.


University Preinscription Code: 81038

The university pre-registration dates for the next academic year 2020/21 are:

From June 23 to July 29


If your place has been assigned to EU Mediterrani our Academic Secretariat will contact you in order to give you the day and time to formalize the registration.


Basic information (BI) (FB) 66 credits
Mandatory training (MT) 106 credits
Optative subjects (OS) 33 credits
Interships 12 credits
Academic recognition 6 credits
Final degree Project (FDP) 15 credits
Total: 240 credits ECTS* divided in 4 years

* European Credit Transfer System, the credit system recognition in EU

Subject Degree of Tourism

First course

Basic and dimensions of Tourism 30 ECTS
Introduction to Tourism
Economic dimension of tourism market
Sociocultural dimension of tourism
Legal dimension of tourism
Territorial dimension of tourism
Financial and commercial techniques of the tourist company 12 ECTS
Companies tourism accounting
Tourism marketing
Techniques tourism 6 ECTS
Quantitative and qualitative techniques applied to tourism
Computer and communication techniques
Foreign languages applied to tourism 6 ECTS
English I
French I

Second course

Touristic destinations 24 ECTS
World tourism geography
Typologies and strategies tourist destinations
Territory planning
Marketing of tourist destinations
Organitzation and management of the tourist company 12 ECTS
Organization of tourism business
Economic and financial management in tourism enterprises
Accomodation management, brokerage and distribution logistics 12 ECTS
Management and operational processes hosting companies
Management and operational processes of tourism intermediation companies
Foreign languages applied to tourism 12 ECTS
English II
French II
German I

Third course

Resources and tourism products 24 ECTS
Design of tourism products and resources
Marketing of tourism products and resources
Innovation in cultural management
Product Management and tourism resources
Innovation in tourist products and resources
Strategic Tourism Management 12 ECTS
Strategic Tourism Management
Strategic direction of hotel
Human resources management
Practicum 12 ECTS
Foreign languages applied to tourism 12 ECTS
English III
French III
German II

Fourth course

Final Degree Project 15 ECTS
Optative subjects I 18 ECTS
Sociocultural animation
Tourist guide
Tourism and environment
Directives and communication skills
Organization conference and events
Advertising and public relations
Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
Management and customer service
Optional Practicum I (6 ECTS)
Assignatures Optatives II 15 ECTS
Chinese I
Chinese II
Italian I
Italian II
Russian I
Russian II
French IV
German IV
USA Myths and Realities
Business English
Optional Practicum II (6 ECTS)
Recognition 6 ECTS
Obtativity Extension Volunteer Actions


The academic calendar for the 2019/20 academic year is:

Calendar GT, GM, DGTM 19/20


“Intelligence is not only knowledge, but the skill to apply it in the practice”(Aristotle).

For this reason, for more than 30 years, in EU Mediterrani we have tried that our students can put into practice, as soon as possible, everything learned in the classrooms. For this we have an experienced team of practices coordinators who work with the most excellent companies and organizations. In this way we commit ourselves to be able to carry out, if you wish, professional internships already in the first year of the degree, either in your closest environment or in any country in the world.

“Study at the Escola Universitària Mediterrani, means join in to a world full of opportunities”. Marc Sancho, Hotel Manager Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa”.

We are also fortunate to be able to offer you university degrees with as many professional opportunities as Tourism, because it is the first generator of employment in the country. If you decide to study your Degree in Tourism in EU Mediterrani you will be able to check this reality every day, thanks to the extensive national and international internship exchange and the dynamic job exchange that you will find on your student’s Intranet and on the touch screens of the Mediterrani building.

“Thanks to EU Mediterrani, the first summer of my degree I was able to do paid internships in France, at a Tourist Office.” Daniel Pardos, student of the 2nd year of Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

How do our students value internships at EU Mediterrani?

Between excellent and remarkable

In addition, our effective program of extracurricular (voluntary) internships that are accessible from the first year and the curricular practices (compulsory) that are carried out in the 3rd year of the degree, together with our job placement program, allow EU Mediterrani students They can put into practice their extensive training throughout their career, and even find a job within the tourism sector that allows them to better cope with the cost of studies, thanks to the fact that many of these practices are paid and in many cases end in an employment contract.


“Studying at EU Mediterrani I was able to finance part of my career thanks to the paid internships they provided me.” Andrea Aguado, Barcelona Operations Manager at Abreu DMC



EU MEDITERRANI supports the international activity both of an institutional, teaching and research nature carried out in our center, promoting both teacher and student mobility.
The objective is to contribute to the international projection of Bachelor of Tourism and Bachelor of Marketing studies by participating in international forums and cooperating with foreign universities

In Mediterrani’s International Relations Department you will find all the necessary information to help you manage and process the European Union Lifelong Learning Program mobility program (Mediterrani is one of the centers that has signed the Erasmus Charter)


E.U.MEDITERRANI has an Erasmus University Charter; This letter implies the center’s commitment to the fundamental principles of Erasmus mobility: establishing prior agreements for the realization of internships, full recognition of the activities, high level of quality, visibility and communication of Erasmus activities and commitment to its equality criteria and non-discrimination.

Remember… EU MEDITERRANI students can study all over Europe and more… !!!!

ERASMUS agreements:

Institution Country
Vives University College Brugges (Belgium)
University of Oradea Oradea (Romania)
Arcada Polytechnic Helsinki (Finland)
American College Nicosia (Cyprus)
Lycée Tézenas du Montcel St. Etienne (France)
Instituto Superior Ciencias Educativas Ramada (Portugal)
ESA 3 París (France)
The Jósef Pilsudski University Warsaw (Poland)
Libertas Business School Zagreb (Croatia)
Instituto Estudios Superiores de FAFE Fafe (Portugal)
Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATEITH) of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki (Greece)
Libertas Business School Zagreb (Croatia)
Sakarya University Sakarya (Turkey)
Universidade de Aveiro Aveiro (Portugal)
Universita della Calabria Calabria (Italy)
Karabuk University Karabuk (Turkey)
Erasmushogeschool Brussel Brussels (Belgium)
University of Maribor Brezice (Slovenia)
Afyom Kocatepe University Afyonkarahisar (Turkey)

Degree in Marketing

Institution Country
Vives University College Brugges (Belgium)
Libertas Business School Zagreb (Croatia)
University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zapresic Zapresic (Croatia)
Universidade de Aveiro Aveiro (Portugal)
American College Nicosia (Cyprus)
Selahaddin Eyyubi University Diyarbakir (Turkey)
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança Bragança (Portugal)
University of Szeged Szeged (Hungary)
University of Lodz Lodz (Poland)

SICUE Agreements:

SICUE is a program of the Conference of rectors of Spanish universities(CRUE) to conduct studies in Spanish Universities

It allows students to carry out a study period with academic recognition in a different Spanish university institution in which the student is enrolled.

Degree in Tourism:

Universidad de Murcia
Universidad de Huelva
Universidad de Islas Baleares
Universidad de Jaen
Universidad de la Rioja
Universidad de Oviedo
Universidad de Sevilla
Universidad de Zaragoza

Degree in Marketing

Universidad de Cadiz
Universidade Almería
Universidad de Granada

PROMETEU exchanges:

Are agreements between EU Mediterrani and non-European universities aimed at jointly developing research agreements and exchanges between students and teachers.

Grado Marketing/Doble GradoDong Hwa UniversityTaiwán
Grado Marketing/Doble GradoChinese Culture UniversityTaiwán
Grado Marketing/Doble GradoTunghai UniversityTaiwán
Grado en MarketingUniversidad del Norte Barranquilla (Colombia)
Grado en MarketingUniversidad Mondragon-UCOQuerétano (México)
Grado Marketing/Doble GradoZhejiang Sci-Tech UniversityZhejiang (Xina)
Grado en MarketingCentro Estadual de Educación Tecnologica Paula SouzaSao Paulo (Brasil)
Grado en TurismoUniversidad Mondragon-UCOQuerétano (México)

Erasmus Placements

Mobility of students for practice Erasmus+ for Traineeships is a form of Erasmus + program of the European Union. Its purpose is to help students adapt to the demands of the European labor market, acquire specific skills and improve their understanding of the economic and social environment of the country of destination, while they gain work experience.

This program aims to college students undertake internships with academic recognition in companies or organizations in other European countries.

Erasmus Placements

Incoming Students

If you are planning to apply for a place at EU MEDITERRANI as an incoming Erasmus student, the first thing you need to do is to contact your coordinator at your home university and discuss your candidacy with him/her.

We can only accept incoming students of partner universities.

You can find useful information for your stay through this link:

Incoming Students


The Final Degree Project (from now on TFG) is an approximation to a research. The TFG involve the realization, on the part of the student, of a project, a study, a memory or a work in which the knowledge, skills, competences and skills required in the corresponding study are applied, integrated and developed. . The intention of the TFG is to prepare the student for the two exits from obtaining the Degree in Tourism: Work World: Whatever it is, you will have to make reports, analyzes, balance sheets …

For this reason the methodology is a KEY aspect of the TFG to take a master’s degree and / or doctorate. You will need knowledge and skills, both methodological and academic. That is why the TFG has these two aspects. The subject of the TFG has a load of 15 ECTS credits is worked as follows: Exhibition classes the first semester (Compulsory attendance except Erasmus and justifiable causes documented) Tutorials during the whole course (from the end of September to the defense of the TFG). They can be face-to-face or virtual. A minimum of 5 must be submitted by submitting material for correction / revision. The TFG is related to the EU Mediterrani Research Group: Image, Satisfaction and Tourist Behavior (ISTB). Many TFG topics are part of an ISTB research line; many are taken to congresses, conferences: many are published in books, papers (academic journals), etc.



EU Mediterrani offers an effective service of Grants to help in all your efforts related to this issue.
The person in charge is Montse Escudero, you can contact her directly by e-mail:


MEC Grants (Ministry of Education)

The Ministry of Education offer grants for undergraduate studies
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Accomodation Grants

EU Mediterrani for for students who live outside of Barcelona
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EU Mediterrani grants for students with friends who start studying at Mediterrani during the academic year 2021-22
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EU Mediterrani grants for collaborating at the coEUM area during academic year 2021-22
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