Blanca Scarsciotti and Laia Salmerón are two students of the Mediterrani University School, a centre attached to the UdG, of which we are especially proud, since they have won this year the Scholarship for Academic Excellence of the Degree in Tourism and the Degree in Marketing respectively. This scholarship consists of a 25% discount on the total price of the course and is obtained when the best academic record is achieved.

Taking advantage of the moment of the grant delivery we have asked them some questions:

  1. What do you feel having obtained the scholarship to academic excellence of EU Mediterrani?

Blanca: A great pride. It was a personal challenge that I set myself and seeing it achieved comforts me and motivates me to continue giving my best. I also believe that it is very important that within the educational system the academic effort and research of excellence be rewarded, in order to motivate students to improve and improve.

Laia: I feel very grateful to have obtained the scholarship of excellence and I would like to thank the university for granting it to me. This scholarship motivates me to strive and makes me very happy to receive such recognition.

  1. Why did you decide to study this career?

Blanca: After changing my career twice, I thought tourism would be a good professional sector to develop my skills and knowledge. I was attracted to the language program and to learn how the sector works from within.

Laia: I could spend hours explaining everything I wanted to study in marketing, I didn’t have the slightest idea what I wanted to do. I began to investigate and discovered advertising and it caught my attention, but when I discovered marketing I was very clear what it was that I wanted to study. One of the main reasons why I opted for marketing was to get to know how the mind of consumers works and how marketing can be used as the engine of a business.

  1. What kind of job attracts you the most?

Blanca: Within tourism there are many professional outings, but the ones I like most are those related to the culture, history and monuments of tourist destinations. That is why I want to move towards jobs as a tour guide or travel agent. For example, when I travel with my friends I usually look for information about the city, its history and other curiosities that make our visit an even richer experience. That is why I think that I would like to transmit to those around me the knowledge and curiosities of this type and I would be personally filled to work on something like that.

Laia: Within the world of marketing, what catches my attention is neuromaketing, since it is a very curious and intriguing area.

  1. How do you currently see this sector?

Blanca: I think that in Tourism, despite being a sector that has been in operation for many years, there are industries that still have to improve a lot in terms of quality of work, workers’ rights and international recognition that facilitate greater mobility of professionals.

Laia: From my point of view the field of marketing is one of those that is currently growing faster thanks to technological advances.

  1. How do you think it will evolve?

Blanca: It’s a very broad question, it depends on what factors we look at, the vision of its development can vary. But speaking of the general evolution of the tourism industry, I think it will never stop growing, people will always have free time and part of it will be invested when traveling and consuming tourist services and products. In addition, there are more and more types of tourism and tourists, creating a wide and varied offer that can be adapted to the needs or wills of the majority of the current population.

Laia: As marketing is increasingly present in the business environment, I believe that over time this sector will become more important, that is, it will evolve and grow positively.