Why did you decide to study the Degree in Marketing?

I decided to study Marketing because I have always liked to observe the behavior patterns of human beings, especially in the decision-making processes and also, I consider that Marketing is a transversal matter that allows you to work in any sector.

What do you think of the experience of doing the race in EU Mediterrani?

The experience in general has been very positive, especially the first two years in which I was fortunate to meet great teachers and subsequently for giving me the opportunity to do the last year in Taiwan. A great experience that changed me for good.

How do you value having to study Chinese during the 4 years of the career?

Based on my experience, to really learn Chinese, in addition to investing hundreds but thousands of hours of study, it is essential to adapt your daily environment to be 100% in Chinese and maintain it sustainably for a minimum of 2 – 4 years, that is, doing the exercises and studying is not enough. It clearly depends on your predisposition to hard work and your ease of languages. As for the experience during the 4 years, I think that due to the teaching load of the career itself, it is difficult to focus on developing a level of Chinese that is really usable in everyday life, however, it is a great filter to see if you really like the language and to know if you will be willing to study it for the rest of your life. The quality of the teachers I had is exceptional. (Maica, Elena and Hui Wen)

How did you get your scholarship for this Master and what does it consist of?

The scholarship covers half of the first year of the Master, I simply filled out the application form that the university offered me and I was selected.

What doors do you expect to open with this Master? I go step by step, first finish the Master and once the goal is met, I can assess what possibilities are presented. Match by match as Guardiola said.

In What position and scope do you see yourself working? What are your goals?

I don’t usually make plans beyond 1 or 2 years since you never know where your life will go. I am currently focused on mastering Chinese and the Master that begins shortly. Step by step, with a clear direction, enjoying the process of constant improvement is my main objective.

How do you see the future of Marketing? What are the main challenges you face?

Today, we have numerous cases of leading companies in their sector that disappear in a matter of a few years (Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Blackberry …) this is because in bonanza periods, they decided not to adopt a strategy of innovation and constant improvement . The future of Marketing is very volatile, it requires that you study and practice daily or otherwise, you become obsolete, therefore, the greatest challenge of any professional or any company, is to know how to adapt to the environment and adopt a strategy of constant innovation in which, making mistakes is part of your day to day. For example, in the case of Content Marketing, we are seeing an exponential increase in video, however very few companies are adapting to this paradigm shift and continue to create their contents in formats of the last century. It is possible that today it works for you, but I wonder … Will it still work in 5 – 10 years?