(Statement from the Rector of the UdG Dr. Quim Salvi)

On June 2, the University of Girona has been recognized by the European Union (EU) with the European HR Excellence in Research seal, which responds to the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

The HRS4R is a continuous improvement procedure proposed by the EU to support the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers; The HRS4R method is based on self-evaluation procedures for excellence models and the institution -the UdG- periodically analyses its policies and practices and defines an action plan to progressively align them with the principles established in the Charter and in the Code. The Action Plan of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) of the University of Girona, approved by the Governing Council and now also by the European Union, is developed in 22 actions, grouped into 6 thematic areas (Ethics and equality gender; Research data management and open access; OTM-R open, transparent and merit-based recruitment process; Research career framework; Research evaluation and management; and Communication).

The importance of having obtained the HRS4R seal is, internally, that it contributes to improving the conditions in which researchers carry out their activity, and externally, that it increases visibility and trust in our University as a pole of attraction of talent, while allowing the UdG to attend external competitive calls on equal terms with the rest of the European institutions that already have this recognition.

It is fair to say that the report of the European evaluators has highly valued 4 aspects of the process: the inclusive and participatory approach in the definition of the Plan (with the participation of researchers, government bodies, management areas, and administration and service personnel) , the precise and exhaustive gap analysis, the use of different formats and tools for internal consultation, and the large number of volunteers in the discussion of the results of the analysis; all this has contributed to the evaluation report confirming that the UdG offers a high level of confidence in the successful implementation of the Action Plan and the incorporation of the HRS4R into the UdG’s general policies.

Finally, it must also be remembered that the government program of the management team of the University of Girona includes, among its actions, “Obtain quality accreditations for research activity that may be essential in the short term for certain calls, such as the HRS4R, which identifies the research institutions and organizations that support one around favourable work”, and it is a success for which we all have to congratulate ourselves, that the seal has been achieved in a short time and with a report very positive on the part of the evaluators.

For more information, you can consult the HRS4R website, and I cannot finish this communication without thanking you very sincerely, both personally and on behalf of the entire University of Girona, to all the people who have participated in the writing of the project, both the teams as the different members of the community who have made contributions in participatory processes.