On Tuesday May 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. the University of Girona, through its Strategic Plan C for the Senate a year ago, show a will decided to make a bet strategic to work for the sum of intelligences: artificial intelligence, collective intelligence and natural intelligence, with the will of making the humanism come together and the technology to approach the challenges of the 21st century.

With this bet of transversality for the sum of intelligences, we organise for this Tuesday, day 26 May, a digital Congrés The sum of intelligences, where they will intervene some of the wests that they have more to tell to our country in this area.

Within the framework of the COVID-19, which has entailed a new stage and a change of paradigm, it has been thought that now it was the appropriate moment to offer this collective reflection that can help us to face the new challenges of future. In the digital Congrés the reflections of persons who approach this subject from different aspects, which go from the technology, the philosophy or the research until the innovation or the company, will be put in common.  It is intended to search that equation among intelligences that it allows to display strategies to face the professional changes and of the research in order to the immediate future from an ethics that puts the persons in the centre. Of the hand of the wests, we will have access to the last novelties in artificial intelligence, and we will ascertain how the technology is made in the service of the improvement of the living conditions of the persons.


Joan Manel del Pozo

emeritus professor of Philosophy of the University of Girona

Genís Roca

chair of RocaSalvatella, expert in Internet

Ramon López de Mantaras

director of the Institute of Research in IA, CSIC

Nuria Oliver

of Vodafone and DataPop Alliance, expert in IA

Josep M. Martorell

director associated from Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Xavier Marcet

consultant in innovation, LeadToChange

Josep Maria Ganyet

expert in IA, teacher of the Pompeu Fabra University

Regina Llopis

founder and chair of the Group AIA

Quim Salvi

president of the University of Girona


More information: https://www.udg.edu/ca/suma-intelligencies