On Tuesday, the 15th of December at 12:30 the pupils of Degree in Tourism of EU Mediterrani will realize a great banquet as practical ending of the formation received inside the subject of Gastronomy that the Dr. Silvia Otero gives. 73 pupils will contribute the most varied and surprising recipes realized with the professional criteria that there marks the subject (sampling of the plates, quality of the product, production, presentation, costs etc.). It is necessary to notice that one this activity is being realized in Mediterrani in every academic course and the level has been really very high in all the editions.In this edition we could have proved plates of the whole world, from a salmorejo, the sushi, ceviche, musaka etc, and a very varied pastry. Undoubtedly it has been a great party very well accompanied by the beer Inedit that the company Damm has yielded free for the event.