When Huc Sanchon came to inform to EU Mediterrani about the convenience of dealing the Degree in Tourism, he was asking us if he might reconcile his work with the career. Immediately we saw in him CAPACITY and TALENT and encouraged him to do it, since we had clear that he would end his studies and this one would end up by being the best investment of his life. We were not wrong. Today Huc is one of our more out-standing pupils and forms a part of the team of the restaurant DISFRUTAR BARCELONA that has just obtained a star MICHELIN and that is a new in all the front pages of the press CONGRATULATIONS!!! However Huc goes years working hard, in hotels like the Arts, which it entered of internships only to begin the career, working also with the best as FERRAN ADRIÀ and, providing that he can he passes explaining his professional adventures to us, thing that fills pride to all that we form a part of EU Mediterrani. Undoubtedly Huc Sanchon’s impressive career will continue in ascent, thanks to his genius as person and to his capacity of work, but undoubtedly, also thanks to the formation obtained in EU’s Mediterrani classrooms.