The professor of the EUMediterrani Gaspar Berbel Giménez presented at the VI International Congress of University Teaching, held in Vigo from 20/6 to 6/22/19, a paper (short article) and a poster entitled: “Effect of a PLE on the higher education. Validation of a questionnaire about the learning environment “. As a result of the research carried out together with the UAB (Faculty of Pedagogy – with researchers Antoni Navío Gámez, Roberto Cejas León, Carmen Ruiz Bueno, and José Tejada Fernández), and funded by the INAP (National Institute of Public Administrations ).

The research began in June 2018. The results show the positive effect of an experimental PLE (Personal Learning Environment) on the statistical groups of Professor Gaspar Berbel, with a significant increase in the performance of more than one point (in the continuous evaluation note) with respect to the previous 3 years. Performance and results that abalance the new paradigm or training system based on encouraging the learner, student, to build their own learning environments, based on actions of search, cooperation, co-creation, collaboration with colleagues, and development of their own products to share, using Web 2.0 tools related to education-learning.

The research also shows the structure of a diagnostic questionnaire – based on the work of the group of researchers and an external group of experts in pedagogy, ICT, PLE, and training, to ensure the external validity of the tool. The questionnaire was administered to a sample of public administration workers, in its online format – intentional sample (n = 34).

The first results, derived from the survey, show time as an important resource for learning, as well as getting help and interacting with other people; the actions in online training that they carry out with more frequency are to look for and locate documents, the one that less diffuse activities or realizations -something fundamental in PLE-; the participants prefer audio-visual channels to learn; and they value more the contribution of experts and the transmission of experiences of other professionals than other channels.

Highlight, within the actions developed in EUMediterrani, the creation of a channel on YouTube, where students of Professor G.Berbel (tourism and marketing HR) made video tutorials, hanging the authorized and higher quality openly of many of the 49 tools presented in the guide. See channel at: