Dr. Joan-Francesc Fondevila-Gascón, professor at the Escola Universitària Mediterrani-Universitat de Girona, has been chosen as Guest editor of the journal JCR and Scopus (Q1 in various areas of knowledge) “Electronics”, in open source. The special one deals with Digital Communication and Broadband Technology, inspired by the scientific theories on Broadband Society and cloud journalism, of which Dr. Fondevila is the author.

The special issue is called “Digital Communication and Broadband Technology: Latest Advances and Prospects”. This “Call for Papers” is part of the Challenges Project of the General Directorate for Scientific and Technical Research, General Sub-Directorate for Research Projects, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, “New forms of interactive advertising on television, Internet and the media digital. Real applications on HbbTV ”(CSO2017-88895-R), by Blanquerna-Universitat Ramon Llull and CECABLE and in which the Escola Universitària Mediterrani-Universitat de Girona also participates.

Explanations for submitting scientific articles to this call for papers can be found here: