From feliciCat (Catalan Institute of Happiness) we are in luck. One of the objectives of the Institute is to find sponsors to not only communicate their good practices at the marketing and internal communication level, but also to start working with them in activities and initiatives that aim to achieve the physical, emotional and even nutritional well-being of their workers and / or clients.

Well, the first company that has trusted in our philosophy and passion has been the Mediterrani University School (EUM), a center attached to the University of Girona (UDG), and that teaches degrees in tourism, marketing and logistics, in addition to others Vocational Education & training courses.

Mediterrani is an ambitious organization that, beyond being recently accredited by the AQU (Quality Agency of the University system) in its marketing degree, has taken a “step forward” to offer its teachers and students new spaces and tools for the correct development of their activities.

The school has a main building located on Calle Rocafort in the Catalan capital, which, with eight floors, has a large number of classrooms and equipment such as the library. Last year (2019-2020), and as part of the growth plan in the quality of teaching practices and the redefinition of workspaces, Mediterrani acquired a second two-story building on Consell de Cent street in Barcelona with the intention that it was the work space of its teachers (both those who have staff and associates), and also because they attend students in their tutorials. The building also has an office kitchen where teachers can have lunch, lunch and take the appropriate breaks outside their offices.

In addition to this plan that affects its infrastructures, and that takes into account practices that from feliciCat offer what the living office is like, Mediterrani has recently prepared an internal audit to determine the feeling of belonging of its students and teachers, for later , define actions to evolve positively in all the feelings associated with motivation and teamwork, involving all parties to obtain the common benefit.

At feliciCat we are delighted to have companies that share the same values ​​as us and that invest in initiatives whose final stage is the happiness of all the people who make it possible for the company and the brand that is associated with it to continue to grow. responsible and sustainable.

And this is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, we will issue new communications about activities in which the Mediterrani University School is involved.

Welcome to feliciCat, EU Mediterrani! For a long and exciting journey together.