Inside the activities that Mediterrani programmes with the companies, on Thursday, the 5th of October to 6 p.m. h visited us Karola Ruiz, Housekeeping Supervisor of the Hotel Majèstic. Karola Ruiz offered a master-class to the pupils of the Vocational Education & Training of Management of Tourist Housings, concretely inside the subject “Regiduria de pisos” and did an exhibition on the hotel and the way of organizing and working. Karola Ruiz has a great experience in the departments of Houskeeping of hotels as Casa Fuster, Mandarin, and H10 Casanovas, thanks to which the pupils could know first hand how there work some of the tasks that are given in class, beside satisfying the doubts that they raised. As comments Mònica Muñoz, teacher of the subject: ” It was a very special session since this one is the department least known about the hotel and I think that it would have to be the more valued “.