Emilio Descarrega, Training Manager of the University School Mediterrani realized the delivery of the “Managerial Award Mediterrani 2015” to the company Hotel Abba Sants for its managerial excellence and cooperation with our academic community. This took place in the frame of the inaugural act of the course 2015-16 of the University School Mediterrani, center assigned in the University of Girona, which was celebrated on October 22, 2015. In front of 400 assistants to the act, Mr. Ivan Santos, Front Desk Manager and representative of the company, gathered the award and during his intervention explained to the public the collaboration between Mediterrani and the Hotel Abba Sants based on an offer of internships inside the different departments and a treatment of excellence with the client that it looks for the implication of the students, remembering that the Hotel Abba Sants is a good bet of future for the pupils of the University School Mediterrani.