The professor at the Mediterrani University School, a centre attached to the UdG, Gaspar Berbel, PhD has developed with the company Leulit, S.L. the “ESTATEST” statistics app, the only application on the market that allows us to take two variables of any type, categorical and / or metric, that we want to relate, analyze the conditions of application of the cross, know what statistical test has to be performed and see, finally, a short video with voice-over and subtitles showing how to do it and interpret it with SPSS (similar to PSPP). It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use application, its menus are in 4 languages ​​(cat, cast, French and English) and it is available for Android and iOS mobiles in their respective playStore.

The promotional video can be seen here:

In the Video an 8-year-old girl shows in a couple of minutes how it is used, evidence of its ease of use. This application complements the new research manual, a reference for methodology subjects used by both Bachelor in Marketing and Bachelor in Tourism students at EU Mediterrani “Paola learns statistics from a personal learning environment.” This manual explains statistics, the steps to investigate, the way to describe variables, the way to start a research or TFG, the relationship tests, the qualitative research techniques … In a simple way, with many external resources, exercises, examples and outputs from SPSS and Stata.