From the Mediterrani University School, center attached to the UdG, we are very proud to have achieved this year 2017 the accreditation of the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (AQU) for the Degree in Tourism that we teach in our center. This accreditation would not have been possible without the inestimable help of our team of professors and administrative staff, as well as the numerous range of companies in the tourism sector that collaborate in our teaching and internship programs. For the management team of the Mediterrani University School, the search for excellence has always been a fundamental objective, and the achievement of this accreditation of the AQU is the best stimulus to continue working in this direction. Within the accreditation, we want to make special mention of two of the points in which the EU Mediterrani progresses towards excellence: point 1.4 which refers to the systems of coordination of teaching that our center has, and point 5.1 that makes mention of the effectiveness of the measures and the resources that are destined in the support to the learning of the students, thanks to the evident effectiveness of the Tutorial Action Plan (PAT). In these links you can see the evaluation reports of the AQU.

Evaluation of the Application for Accreditation of Official Degree

Accreditation Program: EU Mediterrani Evaluation