A way of itself stimulate and one itself to be known, this one is the purpose of the coaching and that, from this course 2015-16, will be a service which all the pupils and ex-pupils of the University School Mediterrani will be able to enjoy weekly, concretely every Wednesday, in the schedule 10 to 20 hours asked previous appointment.

As Sònia Nicolau explains to us, EU’s Mediterrani Coach, in a process of coaching there are several stages. The first one happens for an explanation of what is the coaching, since beside there being a great confusion, it is very important to know its methodology before beginning. “The coaching is a methodology that accompanies during a process of personal and professional development the person who requests it”, makes clear Sònia Nicolau, and adds that, “not much less, it is a question of a therapy with patients, since never not of no form it is advised, is thought or is judged, but it is a question of creating and support a neutrality and an empathy between the coach and the coachee”.

In a second stage, it is important that the coachee has clear which is his aim or topic to treating in the meetings of coaching, since it might be for example in case of very much pupils, the fact of since confronting an interview or confronting discover which would be the work that they would like to do in a future. Once established the topics and aims, the meetings will be based in raising a few questions on the part of the coach that they will create an impact and will allow to the coachee to answer and to give itself the solutions.

Thus, EU Mediterrani, has wanted to help and to offer this service of a free way because there are many pupils who need support and help in a period so much mattering since he/she is an university student, them helping to discover thus skills that they were thinking that they did not have or to lose certain fears and insecurities, as well as to improve the management of the stress for the studies and the professional life. Definitively, a way of growing personally and of winning in safety and itself esteem to manage to create this way a positive impact in the studies and his professional career.