With the aim to bring over the pupils of the University School Mediterrani to the most relevant companies of the tourist sector, on Thursday, the 18th of December 2014 during the whole morning it was carried out in the EU’s Mediterrani Room of Acts, a new edition of the Days of Proximity MEDITERRANI – COMPANIES. In this XIXth ª edition we have had the presence of the following organizations: BYHOURS.COM TU VIDA TUS HORAS; NH HOTEL GROUP, BARCELONA TURISME, FUNDACIÓN MÁS ÁRBOLES, BC AGENCY SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL, HOTUSA HOTELS, VOYAGEPRIVE.COM. The pupils of Mediterrani had to bring a Curriculum for every company participant. We remember that these days always are opened the pupils of centers of baccalaureate and vocational education & training interested in the area of the Tourism.