Dr. Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón, professor at l’Escola Universitària Mediterrani, a center attached to the University of Girona and director of the Center for Cable Studies (CECABLE), received the 20th of May in Igualada, in the framework of the 10th Convention of the Regional and Local Press, the 9th Prize for University Research, Regional Press, organized by the Catalan Association of the Regional Press (ACPC) and Xarxa Vives de Universidades, for research The use of social networks in newspapers ACPC: formulas to achieve impact and income. “This recognition is a great joy, since it is fundamental to analyze how the media can obtain performance in the form of interaction and income in social networks. A model that confers objectivity allows to situate each medium in the environment and offers improvement guidelines, “says Fondevila, principal investigator of the Research Group on Innovative Systems of Monetization in Journalism, Marketing and Digital Tourism (SIMPED) and the Group of Research on Journalism and Digital Marketing and Broadband, University School Mediterrani and CECABLE see article