Maria Ribas, person in charge of Public of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) was present at the presentations of the projects of company of the students of the subject Introduction to the Marketing. Maria Ribas and the teacher Lluís Feliu formed the juror who evaluated the presentations of the first groups of this subject. The students presented the managerial projects that have been working from the beginning of course and they centred the attention on the Marketing plans. In 15 minutes the students had to present their projects and attend to a question-and-answer session of 5 minutes of duration. With a total of 20 minutes every workgroup had to present the managerial projects and catch the attention of the juror. The subject matter of the projects of company is free but they have to be linked to the marketing. In this first edition of the course 2014 – 2015, the pupils have presented projects of very diverse sectors. From an application to do asked the sector of the gastronomy, a cinema with adapted beds, a platform of rent of dresses… East format of project presentations serves to stimulate the creativity of the pupils and to look of doing an approximation to the reality. Turning the student in an entrepreneur who analyzes the market, it develops an idea and seeks for the best way of communicating it and to turn it actually. For the teacher Lluís Feliu ” it has been a success because the pupils, during a few minutes, have put in the skin of any businessman who wants to stimulate a project”. They have given a step forward and have lived through something that probably in the future they will have to live. Finally, the person in charge of the Unit of Public of the CCCB, has stood out the initiative as a good experience for the pupils and she has made clear that “to the future will be a pleasure to collaborate with Mediterrani in some activities”.