The Mediterrani University School will hold on Friday December 13 a very special event for students of the Degree in Tourism, the “Tourism Talent Day”. The event will be held at 10 am in Classroom 31, at the headquarters located at C / Rocafort, 104. It is a day designed to bring the leading companies in the tourism sector to all our students, and vice versa, with the aim of producing future collaborations between both parties benefiting from each other. An event created so that we can get to know the leading companies in the tourism sector as well as their training programs, where we can finish training by complementing our studies and enriching our knowledge in the tourism field. On the other hand we also ensure that during the day companies can access the talent of our students and have future candidates to form and fill internships and/or work positions. The day will be divided into two parts. A first part from 10 to 12h., where each company will be presented and will exhibit its training program (during the presentation the vacancy offers in internships and / or labor available in the companies will be shown) and the second part of the event to be held 12 to 14h., Where each participating company will have a private space where they can receive and attend in a personalized way the students of EU Mediterrani interested in their offer, as well as receive the Curriculum Vitae of the students interviewed.